Video~ The Handsome Mens Club

Hiliarious!!!! Ben Affleck, Sting, Patrick Dempsey, Taye Diggs,Tony Romo and a special appearance by Lenny Kravitz that was a scene stealer all appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show for a skit called "The Handsome Mens Club" and it is great!  I am not mentioning everyone in the skit as I do not want to give it away but they are all handsome.

Funniest thing in a long time. Check it out and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. Yeah, where is the one and only man, that is truly a “PRETTY MAN,” “Prince goes way beyond HANDSOME!!

  2. OMG – hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! And so many cute men all in one place – heaven!!

  3. only person missing was Prince….in a twist he would have been the new president….that woulda worked for me…..!!!

  4. I can’t watch it.. :-(

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