Photo Of The Moment: DrFunkenberry & Lenny Kravitz

DrFunkenberry & Lenny Kravitz

The photo of the moment is of DrFunkenberry and Lenny Kravitz from the "What Do You Worship" event last week in L.A.

Lenny is in full swing promoting the "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" movie but we had time to talk about the music industry and with veteran acts struggling album sales due to iTunes and social media and Steve Jobs place in all that.

Lenny is excited about upcoming music which should be set for release sometime in 2014.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I can't say much at this time but you know we are always rooting for LK.


Glam! Adam Lambert “I Seriously Have The Best Fans!” New Music On Way!

DrFunkenberry & Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert attended the "What Do You Worship" art and photo event at Church Boutique last night that was being guest hosted by Lenny Kravitz. Our art friend Mathieu Bitton invited us.

This was my 3rd time meeting Adam and each time I introduce myself, not sure he knows who I am yet. I asked if for us to take a photo with him so I could post on my site for his fans because how dedicated they are to Adam when I post about him.

"I seriously have the best fans. They are so wonderful and amazing. They are just amazing. They are so loyal."-Adam Lambert 11/14/2013

For what Adam had to say about new music and more, click here!


Ellen Tries Hook Up Lenny Kravitz & Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra Is Going To Give You A Show.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Ever being the Jewish mother as Lenny Kravitz puts it, Ellen keeps trying to hook Lenny up with someone. First Natalie Portman. This time? Ellen's guest DJ Carmen Electra.

Well, it beats random audience members! Lenny played along, but did Carmen as well or she was really into it? Hmm.

We would LOVE to talk about Lenny being in "Hunger Games" but Ellen hasn't uploaded it and we wanted to give Lenny some Love.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Is Ellen's work done? We don't think so! Why? Bro code. Bro code.


Lenny Kravitz Set To Star In New Film With Christopher Walken

Lenny Kravitz.  Photo:  Time.comLenny Kravitz is set to star in the film "Little Rootie Tootie" and it will co-star film legend Christopher Walken. Kravitz is also in the upcoming Hunger Games 2 sequel.

Filming for "Little Rootie Tootie" will begin at the start of 2014.

Kravitz will be playing the son of Christopher Walken in the movie. Walken will be playing a veteran musician as his career goes down a horrible path.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The title of the movie is named after the Thelonius Monk song....


That Shhh Cray! Timbaland, Jay Z, & Lenny Kravitz In Paris

Timbaland, Jay Z, & Lenny Kravitz. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

We wonder what was discussed between Timbaland, Jay Z, and Lenny Kravitz last night in Paris? A collaboration? Timbaland's divorce? Pictures of Blue Ivy? A spoiler of The Hunger Games Part 2?

Whatever was discussed, Mathieu Bitton caught it on camera last night for our photo of the moment.

Mathieu says the photo was taken at 79-Club Paris around 3 A.M.

We are sure there is more to the story but thank MB for being there and capturing the action!-DocFB

Diagnosis: LK was performing with Bruno Mars earlier in the week in case you missed it.


Bruno Mars Rocks Out With Lenny Kravitz To “Are You Gonna Go My Way”! Watch Now!

Bruno mars & Lenny Kravitz Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Lenny Kravitz rocked out with Bruno Mars last night in Paris and performed "Are You Gonna Go My Way" with the future Super Bowl Performer!

Lenny performed his classic with Bruno and his band.

Awesome to see these two artists perform together!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Bruno def got props with Lenny performing AYGGMY with his band!-DocFB


Photo Of The Moment: Lenny Kravitz “Breakfast CAN’T Wait”!

Lenny Kravitz Photo: Mathieu Bitton

Our photo of the moment was taken by Mathieu Bitton of Lenny Kravitz making breakfast.

"Sunday morning coconut mango French toast."-Lenny Kravitz

BTW, "Are You Gonna Go My Way" 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition" is out NOW!!!!

Get it!-DocFB

Diagnosis: My breakfast is usually a hot green tea, cold water, and a diabetic shot to test my blood sugar. Sexy isn't it?