Chris Brown Begging For Radio Airplay

Chris Brown File Photo

Chris Brown is asking for his fans help to get him played on the radio.    Not sure it is going to help.

Chris recorded a message for, a place where celebs record messages for their fans to hear.

He says his music “won’t be possible if he is not relevant on the radio.”  Wow.  I still thought labels could get you on the radio no matter what you do.  Hmm.  Guess not.

Check out Chris Breezie’s message below.


Will this really help him?-Dr.FB



  • gabrielle
    Posted at 22:49h, 22 April

    I love Chris brown odde.He’s the best male singer of his time.

  • ezraya.b
    Posted at 23:26h, 21 April

    wow ur pistures drive me crazy. … even when im sleeping.-LITERALLY-.

  • Sherened14
    Posted at 00:23h, 21 April

    lLOVE ur music and it should be played on the RADIO !!!!

  • Sherened14
    Posted at 00:17h, 21 April

    love this pic 🙂

  • nicole
    Posted at 13:42h, 18 April

    hey what up i love thae song say good bye

  • Mongake
    Posted at 10:19h, 14 April

    U rock man

  • Soraya(:
    Posted at 15:02h, 30 March


    LuKiN LiKe a N.E.R.D(: KUTE

    _______SORAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: OUTS

  • Jesikka(:
    Posted at 15:00h, 30 March

    omqq CHRIS BROWN lokks Effin Suppa Kute in Diss Flikka

    Number #1 FAN(:

    –>>(:_fRImA..aShLeY jEsIkKa aka
    La GEEK

  • sneha tamey
    Posted at 04:26h, 27 March

    how can anyone not like him?? myaan… no matter wat pple say, chris will alwaz b da best … deyam u heard it!!

  • Benjamin Placca
    Posted at 17:46h, 15 March

    No mattter what they do Chris will stand up tall

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  • Unique herrera
    Posted at 17:20h, 11 February

    hey sexy r u singel

  • kaisha
    Posted at 12:49h, 20 January

    wat up

  • brianna
    Posted at 00:38h, 09 January

    i had a dream of us having sex and a kid that’s the why i want to be k baby

  • kaylah
    Posted at 13:11h, 06 January

    hey breezy i luv u so much and that hew song no bullshit is the bomb i listen to that all the time keep it going and always keep ur head up LUV U!!!!!!!!

  • riri
    Posted at 11:46h, 15 December

    i think ppl should just leave it alone in get off his dick about it its nobodys buiseness but his in that girl, ppl now in days make mistakes in that was one of them but dang get a life in stop messin with him

  • TraSheena
    Posted at 16:10h, 24 November

    wow chris deserves to beeh on the radio no matter what he had done…..TO Chris Brown: Chris I love yooh so much hope that things will get better for yooh….baby IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN….Chris I believe in yooh no matter what happens i will always have your back.


    TraSheena G.
    (Your Biggest Fan)

  • phoenix
    Posted at 04:43h, 08 November

    hes a prat for beating girls up pussy whole bruvv

  • dd thompson
    Posted at 11:50h, 05 November

    omg you are so cute you better be happy that im not 18 or we chill together hah lol

  • shayla
    Posted at 15:28h, 20 August

    chris brown rocks

  • ashh
    Posted at 11:38h, 06 August

    i misss his music , i say they but him back on air !

  • I LOve Cb..♥
    Posted at 01:12h, 18 July

    I dont care what anybody says..i love chris brown!!..i mean people make mistakes.
    Alot of people making the whole situation bigger than it is. For what??..well i supported him then and now..regardless of it all..
    F.Y.I.—>he is not “begging” so stop exagerating…GOSH!!

  • CB Fan
    Posted at 18:46h, 28 March

    well it’s all how you take it; he wasn’t BEGGING like you say he was, you just said that for the hype of the media

  • EssB
    Posted at 12:46h, 25 March

    chris brown messed himself up with tha whole radio play. He should have thought about what he was doing before he did it and mayb he wouldnt be “begging” for help to get radio play. :

  • 1817
    Posted at 12:15h, 11 March

    radio and labels r bed mates and if they lost interest…..its ova.

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