Video Premiere: “Telephone” Lady Gaga & Beyonce!

Here. It. Is!~ The long-awaited NEW video from Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce.

Tell us if you like "Telephone" by B & G.-Dr.FB

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  1. I am crazy about Beyonce ‘s music! She is a great solo singer but I totally wish Destiny’s Child would get back together.

  2. Recently watched Gaga & Beyonce’s Telephone video. Music is actually quite good, saucy catchy tune but whoa – the imagery and theme – jail, mass murder in a diner and get-away. Even a shot of the dog in the diner, poisoned and killed — wa, WA, WHAT? Shock in any price! Way to go. Bit far? No surprise, people like India Arie are all upset. Robert Meloni, legal counsel for Gaga’s ex who’s suing her for millions, unwittingly may have stated it the most effectively in his response to MTV about Gaga’s countersuite “…gives ‘falling on your sword’ an entirely new meaning…”

  3. Beyonce is over-rated. Course she’s got billionaire husband, Jay Zee to cover her ass if mega-talented newcomer’s like Lady Gaga leave her standing in the dust. This isn’t the first person, Beyonce’s hooked up with who’s outshone her in every way…there’s been Alicia Keys as well. Beyonce is cleary out of her league with the likes of Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys.

  4. Gaga’s got it all over Beyonce. I barely looked at B. Notice the title too…first name mentioned is the winner here.

  5. Great video. Tarantino will be proud 😉 Lady GaGa definitely has her own style and is a fashion icon. The song itself is not so special, but not bad either. Because it’s GaGa it probalby will sell well.

  6. Ok….another video where she poisons people. Woopedy Doo.

  7. Great Video, once again the creative mind of GAGA has successfully entranced fans and pissed everyone else off.. and this time Beyonce’ is NO distraction she fits right in!! and the tarantino truck and theme was Wild.. “see i told ya she didn’t have a ****” was priceless.. GAGA/STEPHANIE is a beautiful and creative artist, while i don’t like every song, she is as “out there” as Prince was in the 80’s.. her style is awesome cuz no one looks like her and yet she could be run of the mill auto-toning every vocal and missing boys and just like everyone else.. but NOPE.. she’s setting her own bar.. and for those that don’t get it.. u won’t get it and for the rest of us.. we’re going GAGA over GAGA!!

    Trust is like a mirror/u can fix it when it’s broken/but u can still see cracks in the MOTHER FUCKER!!!

  8. AWFUL !! I agree with ertccty, i miss REAL MUSIC !!

    I just dont understand what the attraction is with her. Its just pure pop garbage from an ugly drug enduced woman.

    I feel sorry for the young girls who look up to her, who will try and mimic her odd strange behaviour.

  9. I liiiiiiiiiiike it! I say FUNK IT!

  10. RIDICULOUS!Gee!I wonder what the song is called?I miss REAL MUSIC!

  11. Love love looooove it.
    Super Great Stuff
    It’s just all well in place
    It works

  12. Can’t watch it because it’s a “PRIVATE VIDEO”?

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