Is Ochocinco Mixing “Dancing” Business With Pleasure?

Is Ochocinco Mixing “Dancing” Business With Pleasure?

Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke.

Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke. Photo:

Now, before Chad gets mad at us, it is a known fact several “Dancing With The Stars” contestants have hooked up with with their set dance partners.

Perhaps Chad Ochocinco is just trying to take care of Cheryl Burke, who led Emmit Smith to a “Dancing” title, with the hopes she leads him to one as well. 

Regardless, the 2 were spotted in Miami on Sunday having some lunch and joking with the paps. 

Chad is not joking with Cheryl though.  He told her to stop complimenting him on his dancing so he will be harder on himself and not relax.  Straight up, Chad wants to win, weather it is on the football field or on the dance floor. 

Late last night, Chad tweeted this: I  am having one of those damn lonely moments again damit!! Not even a damn cuddle buddy, my personal life sucks, I shoudve been a golfer.

Funny guy.  Makes me think maybe he is feeling something for Cheryl!   Don’t worry, some women were wanting to keep Ocho company after that tweet.  😉  Cheryl even hit him up saying he was supposed to hang with her.  Hmm.

Hmm.  Sorry.  Was just thinking how good Chad would look in a….Dallas Cowboys jersey.  What?  Did you think I was gonna say in a ballet outfit, fool?  Come on now.  Good luck Chad!-Dr.FB



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