[caption id="attachment_24216" align="aligncenter" width="359" caption="Florence Henderson File Photo"]Florence Henderson File Photo[/caption] Hey everyone! Ok, let's cut to the chase....Dancing with the Stars. Stage in the round. Acoustic Night. 2 sets of score. YAWN. Is this really necessary? I mean, changing the stage and an acoustic only band?? C'mon! That's not the only change tonight, and now we have to endure 2 sets of score tonight. One set for technique and the other for performance. So it was best out of 60 tonight. Listen, the original formula works, so let's please stick to that!! However, once again we were in for some great dances and some train wrecks. However...I am shocked to inform you...there were more great dances tonight! The night started off with everyone's good-looking uncle, Kurt Warner and his partner Anna T. They danced the Rumba. Kurt shocked us tonight by giving us some great hip action. The crowd was screaming whenever he shimmed his hips slowly from side to side. As a Christian man he sure knows how to be sexy. GOOD GOD is right. Although he got a 34 out of 60, 15 for technique and 19 for the performance, he is still one of my favorites.

[caption id="attachment_24089" align="aligncenter" width="520" caption="Tony Dovolani & Audrina Patridge. Promotional Photo"]Tony Dovolani & Audrina Patridge. Promotional Photo[/caption] "Story Night" was the theme on tonight's Dancing with Stars and with the dramatic exit of Michael Bolton last week, tonight's show lacked the drama but made for some interesting and not so interesting dance routines. Up first was the front runner Jennifer Grey. Surprisingly she was a little out of sync at times, but she is so damn like-able that you can for sure over look those little fumbles. She and her partner Derek Hough did a "student has a crush on the teacher routine". It was cute, but honestly, it wasn't really memorable to me. I think she really should have sexed it up with a sexier outfit or something...it just lacked the excitement we have been used to from her. But she managed to score a 24 out of 30, so good for her!

[caption id="attachment_23945" align="aligncenter" width="468" caption="Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough Rehersal. Photo: GettyImages.com Courtesy ABC"]Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough Rehersal. Photo: GettyImages.com Courtesy ABC[/caption]

Nurse IV back with my review of DTWS...week 2....or shall I say WEAK 2
Coming off of the shock of the Hoff getting turbo boosted off the show, I was looking forward to tonight's show.

Lets start off with the highly handsome Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke -- They danced the Jive to the song "Tush". I am sure the ladies wanted to see the Fox's tush, instead, the 6'7 former Laker  gave us some impressive dance moves. The jive, being such a fast dance, Foxy didn't miss a step! I was surprised by his energy and so were the judges, but they did criticize him somewhat...but being they were the first couple to perform...they got an underestimated 21 out of 30.