Introducing Jaicko~ Fast Forward (FFWD) Funk It Or Dunk It?

We here at DrFunkenberry.com always want to hook you up with new artists on the rise and we think we have one with Jaicko. We think he will push your buttons just right.

While writing this, I had to play Jaicko's debut song "Fast Forward (FFWD)" which is a great sign for Jaicko if I do say so myself.

We are "Fast Forwarding" into the future and we see Jaicko as a Funkenberry artist.  Hmm.  Maybe next year, our Funkenberry artists can get a showcase at SXSW.  Just putting it out there. 

Regardless, check out Jaicko and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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Comments (5)
  1. Loves this tune yea he sounds like Chris brown but alot of people sound like others in the industry and it’s better than him singing about sex or somebodies booty or drugs it’s a great song and FYI douglas he aint singing “press my green button” now that sounds like crap.

  2. I’m not feeling this song either. Like the others said, it’s typical R&B that goes nowhere. He sounds like a few people too and I agree with one of the ones who mentioned Chris Brown cause I could hear him first. He has no sound of his own. Maybe he will in the future but it certainly isn’t now. With that said, I can see this being a hit if it’s pushed to the right people. It’s not hard for anyone to get a hit nowadays.

  3. Nothing original. Who’s churning out these exact copies, I mean, that trembly vocal is so common now, in every “artist” that appears in R&B. Nothing original or real. Typical.

  4. seriously Doc……….this song sounds like a Chris Brown wanna be……….I mean “press my green button?”…….wtf?

  5. Wow. That many for dunk it? Seriously? Well, you guy’s dunked Ke$ha’s “Tick Tok” n that hit number 1……

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