Prince To Tour Europe; Dates Announced

Prince performs at Grand Palais in Paris, Oct. 2009
Prince performs at Grand Palais in Paris, Oct. 2009

Prince performs at Grand Palais in Paris, Oct. 2009

Europe1.fr announced today that Prince will play a concert at the Citadel of Arras, France on July 9.

The press release mentions that this is one of the dates that Prince has scheduled for Europe this year. The other concerts will be in Belgium and Denmark with the Roskilde Festival just being announced as well.  Denmark date looks to be July 4 (still confirming); Belgium date is July 10th, Werchter Boutique.

Tickets go on sale April 27 for the Arras show; prices are listed at 84 EUR ($113 USD) or 124 EUR ($167 USD). Tickets for Belgium go on sale April 22.

Arras is a 2000 year-old city located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of Frances. The Citadel where Prince will perform was built in the 17th century. He sure is keeping it interesting with this cool choice of venue. - Dr.FB

The Citadel of Arras

The Citadel of Arras | arras-france.com


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  1. I still have a sick feeling in my stomach over the whole Website stunt to get excited over anything he is doing right now.

    My Goodness he let us down…..

    Disappointed in Chicago

  2. Glad Prince is coming out of hiding. I believe there will be more exciting news in Ebony Magazine…

  3. Prince playing the Royal Albert Hall in London would be awesome!! Although part of me say’s that we have had our share of Prince for a long time after the 21 nights concerts!!!!

  4. U comin to England Prince?

  5. Good for Europe, now if we can get our man back to do a U.S. Tour that would be hot and a NEW album would be nice. I’m waiting patiently for that.

  6. Good for Europe, now he needs to come over here to the U.S. In fact, he needs to do a few nights in NYC and that’s it for America. That would be cool!

  7. Any news of a London date?………..just asking………..lol

  8. oh yeah if i can get my hands on tix my booty will b there!!!

  9. Where do the Citadel of Arras tickets go on sale next Tuesday???

  10. Waiting is a virtue ;)

  11. Oh man the location in France is just GORGEOUS! But Belgium is closer and it’s also on Saturday. Thanks for the good news as always Dr. Funk :) You are warmly appreciated!

  12. Love the fact he is coming over to Europe, but if he could just pop over to the UK and give London another dose of Funk it would be even better.

  13. cool thanx 4 sharing

  14. love it……….Prince on the same bill with Motorhead

  15. hmmm…. North Sea Jazz has a spot available on the 11th of july….

  16. Denmark, I’m coming!

  17. Great to hear Prince is comming to Europe … What about comming to Israel ???

  18. i mean: gold circle of course …

  19. mh does anyone know what a “gold cicle ticket” means?

  20. Wow!! And on my birthday!! Oh well, I’ll have to wait for a date in the U.S.

  21. Belgium, Werchter Juli 10th !!

  22. I’m just kinda numb about this. Thanks for the info though.

  23. Now that is what i like to hear REAL music for REAL music lovers….When we hear the next CD by Prince?

  24. Thanks for the news Doc

  25. Good news for them…
    Beautiful spot.
    Thanks for sharing

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