Maxwell On Tonight Show Performs “Fistful Of Tears” ~Video

Maxwell performed "Fistful Of Tears" On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and I thought it was better than the "Dancing With The Stars" version and wanted to share.

Just go the 3:40 mark all the way at the end and you will see it.

Hope you dig.-Dr.FB

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  1. Love you so very much for it (typing too fast)

  2. Thanks for sharing,doc

    Again they killed it. Great Great job, working hard and ALL looking Gorgeous
    Ohhww. I do I do I do..
    Max… je hoogheid,je grootheid, je schoonheid, je licht, je kracht
    The All and Nothing, The KNOW, The Pure, The One LOVE ,The Power
    I See… I see and feel it all,lieverd ..and I Love You so very much it. (healing power,sweetie)

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