Lenny Kravitz’s Kick Ass 1 A.M. Rehearsal

Lenny Kravitz. Photo: CandyTman Via Twitter

Lenny Kravitz. Photo: CandyTman Via TwitterThis photo taken by Mathieu Bittion of Lenny Kravitz during a 1 a.m. rehearsal is completely priceless.

Lenny promises he is "going to kick ass for you all" and he may get you by surprise with his smile if he intends to kick that back side.  Lenny is set to open up for U2 in a matter of weeks and you know he will be bringing it.

If this photo is not part of the CD packaging of his latest output, it would be a shame.-Dr.FB

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  1. I am a big fan of your blog and I read it regularly. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. He looks very happy. Nice pic.

  3. Great shot. Thanks for finding it DrF!

  4. freakin love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Priceless indeed! Lenny has taken over the concept of internet marketing. And everything he posts is top quality, interesting, no filler. I can’t wait for this album now. I think the last LK album I bough was “Circus” and the “Greatest Hits.”
    Thanks for posting this. I hope he comes to NYC again soon. GREAT PHOTO! He should start selling prints of all these priceless shots.

  6. I just purchased 4 VP tix for his performance at Table Mountain Casino by Fresno ca. @ $45 a pop, u can’t go wrong! “are u gonna go my way?!”.


  7. “…and he may get you by surprise with his smile if he intends to kick that back side. …”
    Uhumm.. Now that I like..
    This is a great picture (thanks Mathieu)
    Much Love for Lenny

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