Scene & Heard: Drew Barrymore LAX Edition

 Our girl Drew Barrynore was seen rocking an Iron Maiden shirt at LAX with her boyfriend behind her.  She did not seem to like the paps that were taking pictures of her as she hustled by them and bit her fingers, so we are not posting a picture. 

We will tell you that Drew is going to direct a music video for L.A. band Best Coast for their song "Our Deal" which is going to be a star-studded video.  It will feature Miranda Cosgrove from "iCarly", Chloe Martez from "Kick Ass" and Donald Glover from "Community" one of our favorite TV shows.

No word when the video will come out, but you can be rest assured it will be featured on drfunkenberry.com-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Going The Distance


Lenny Kravitz’s Kick Ass 1 A.M. Rehearsal

Lenny Kravitz. Photo: CandyTman Via Twitter

Lenny Kravitz. Photo: CandyTman Via TwitterThis photo taken by Mathieu Bittion of Lenny Kravitz during a 1 a.m. rehearsal is completely priceless.

Lenny promises he is "going to kick ass for you all" and he may get you by surprise with his smile if he intends to kick that back side.  Lenny is set to open up for U2 in a matter of weeks and you know he will be bringing it.

If this photo is not part of the CD packaging of his latest output, it would be a shame.-Dr.FB


Kick-Ass Soundtrack Cover & Track List Revealed

Kick-Ass CD Cover. Photo: Universal Music Group
Kick-Ass CD Cover. Photo: Universal Music Group

Kick-Ass CD Cover. Photo: Universal Music Group

The cover for the Kick-Ass Movie Soundtrack is now out and also the track list has been revealed. 

It looks pretty stellar.  Check out the track list below:

1. The Prodigy - Stand Up

 2. Mika vs RedOne - Kick Ass

 3. Primal Scream - Can’t Go Back

 4. The Little Ones - There’s A Pot Brewin'

 5. The Prodigy - Omen

 6. The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

 7. The Dickies - Banana Splits

 8. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed

 9. Sparks - This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us

 10. New York Dolls - We’re All In Love

 11. Zongamin - Bongo Song

 12. Ennio Morricone - Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu (For A Few Dollars More)

 13. The Hit Girls - Bad Reputation

 14. Elvis Presley - An American Trilogy

The prodigy tracks and Minka versus RedOne is what catches my attention.  That and the cover. 

Will most def be seeing the movie when it comes out.  Will you?


Photo From Kickass Movie Released

Kickass Promo Photo.
Kickass Promo Photo.

Kickass Promo Photo.

The first photo from the upcoming comic book movie "Kick-Ass" was released at Comic-Con yesterday.

The movie/comic book is about a teenager who wants to be a super hero so he takes to the streets in super hero garb to fight criminals. It stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse who you will remember as "McLovin" from the movie "Superbad" as well as Nicholas Cage.

No release date has been set for this movie. The movie rights were purchased after only 3 issues of "Kick-Ass" were made.-Dr.FB