• dreamer2010
    Posted at 16:45h, 27 May

    Yea…america got it wrong again…Crystal was by far the better artist..the only thing that I’m happy about is the fact that I am sure that she has already been approached by record companies and hopefully they will give her a little artistic freedom to do the music she wants to do…I like Lee Dewyze…I”m happy for him…but Jrecords has been known to be a career killer for some…lol….I’m actually happy that Crystal is not locked into some crazy controlling contract with them…..it really seems like recently the better artists have come in second…it’s all industry stuff…maybe americas vote really doesn’t count all that much…lol

  • iPFL
    Posted at 11:53h, 27 May

    Crystal is the better artist. If she puts an album out, I’d definitely buy it …

  • Georgie
    Posted at 11:27h, 27 May

    Fucking weird and suspect if you ask me!!

  • Paradise Nubien
    Posted at 10:49h, 27 May

    Good Morning Doc.

    Lee has a very nice tone and all, but I’m with you, yes America got it wrong again. Bowersox (sp) will be okay though. Some one will pick her up so quick. She has all what the music industry needs. She do fine. Thanks, have a good one.

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