Prince Debuts New Track “Hot Summer”

Prince in Ebony Magazine
Prince in Ebony Magazine

Prince in the July issue of Ebony magazine | ebonyjet.com

Are u ready for a Hot Summer? Prince kicked off his birthday by giving a new track to Minnesota Public Radio station 89.3 The Current. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments. - Dr.FB

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  1. hmmmmm. At least its better than the last 2 songs. i agreee with Chris G.

  2. It’s cool, But nothing special. Happy Birthday Prince.

  3. Strike 3 Prince. Purple & Gold, Cause & Effect, and now Hot Summer. Seriously Prince? Losing a bit of hope for you finally after a brilliant career. Bring back some “A” game tracks please.

  4. i love this cool new track..thanx Prince

  5. Terrible.

  6. This SHIT sounds like a theme song for a new television sitcom on the C-FUCKING-W. Someone get me something sharp to stick into my ears.

  7. What utter rubbish, I do believe he has run out of idea’s. So, so sad.

  8. I like it but I hope it’s not too hot this summer.

  9. At least my 7 year-old will like this. I guess my expectation level of Prince needs to be adjusted.

  10. on repeat now and loving it more everytime i hear it…..nice fun summer song!

  11. Yippie!!! Prince made a song for us for his Birthday! Wow, good song, well done; very cathy tune. Thank you Princey!!! Hugs and Kisses on your anniversary. ♥

  12. … cool lil track, thanks Doc

  13. i like it.Its laid back and catchy

  14. i like it, fun song!

  15. Who’s that lady in the hook?

  16. nice pop tune

  17. I really like this song much more than I thought I would. It’s a light, pick-me-up kind of song and those never get old. The only thing that I would have changed would have been that there was too much of the female singers on here and not enough of Prince. I love his voice and the more I hear it, the better. Very good song Prince and Happy Birthday to you! God Bless you and your talent and thank you Dr Funkenberry for sharing this song with us!

  18. Thanks, but no thanks. I am not feeling any of his new stuff at all. It’s all cheesy…sad.

  19. damn i want that hairdo …:)

  20. Thanks. Very poppy, catchy tune.

  21. Happy birthday Prince! It may be a hot summer, but that song is not hot! I mostly hear some chick on it! Anyway, still waiting on his new album 😉

  22. Sweet 🙂
    I love the chatchy feel of it. Nice stretch P 🙂 Real nice

  23. All this track needs is a fruity, fizzy cocktail!

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