Katherine Jackson Goes After Joe Jackson For Being An Idiot

Joe Jackson. File Photo

Joe Jackson. File Photo

Man this guy is a tonto isn’t he?

Joe Jackson says Katherine Jackson is the reason why her son Michael Jackson died.  Joe said that he felt Michael was l”ooking kind of frail and weak looking” and asked Katherine to talk to him about.  She says that she refused to break his privacy. 

He says after Michael died, he told Katherine that “I said this would have never happened if you had went and been with him.”

Is this his lame attempt to get money from the estate after being cut out of Michael’s will? 

Katherine is fed up and is getting her lawyers involved.  Joe is really screwing himself.  Katherine was giving Joe money out of perhaps kindness even though left out of the will.  Maybe not the smartest move to do. 

This just reeks of attention as the anniversary of Michael’s death is looming shortly.  Le sigh.-Dr.FB




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