Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian Fight All Over Miami

Dash. Photo:

Dash. Photo:

Kourtney & Khloe Kardashian’s 2nd season of them “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” debuted last night and the bickering started from the get-go with Kourtney and Scott Disick (you know, the one you all Love to call douche) getting on Khloe. 

Khloe returned to her partying ways and when Kourt tried to tell her to chill, Khloe told her to “Suck my D***”.  Tranny please!  Hilarious.  Not so hilarious?  The close-up of Khloe’s feet.  Ewww.

Khloe was late to her radio show and Michael Yo, who never gets mad, laid into Khloe.  Chelsea Handler lays into Yo harder than Charlie Sheen on a hooker after he pops a Viagra, and never gets that mad. 

Khloe made flyer’s of the image you see above  (Um, would love a few Khloe and you know I love Odom n the Lakers too…ahem..)  It went over well with Kourtney and all is well.

It seems Scott will provide enough douchiness for the rest of the season and Kim Kardashian will be stopping by as well. Oh joy.-Dr.FB



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