Video Premiere: Farnzworth Bentley(?) & Anthony Hamilton “Greener”

I guess he does do more than hold an umbrella for P. Diddy. Farnzworth Bentley has released a video for "Greener" with Anthony Hamilton.  Seriously?

No, it is not a song about manure being planted into the earth although it is called "Greener" but maybe after hearing it, you might wish it was.

His rapping flow..is different.  Doesn't mean it is good.  So I ask.....

"Greener"  Funk it Or Dunk It?-Dr.FB

Comments (3)
  1. I agree with”pelicankiss” lose the guy, keep the song.

  2. The song is rad, but the whole Fonzworth ‘character’ is kind of played out. Funk the song, dunk the video.

  3. sounds like Outkast a bit……….funk it !!

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