The # 2 MTV Video Of The 1980’s Is……..

MTV asked the fans to vote for the top video of the 80's and it was NOT "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.  The number #2 video is "Take On Me" by A-Ha.

I dig the song and the video...and surprised P. Diddy and other hip-hop acts have not tried to sample the melody of the A-Ha smash.  As much as I like "Thriller" it was nice to see other video's get named for the top videos of the 1980's.

What do you think of MTV's choice of "Take On Me" by A-Ha as the number 2 video of the 80's?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Have You All Seen The Family Guy "Take On Me" Episode? Pop Culture Baby!


P. Diddy Back With J.Lo? Say It Isn’t So!

The Dress, Jennifer Lopez & Diddy. File Photo
The Dress, Jennifer Lopez & Diddy. File Photo

The Dress, Jennifer Lopez & Diddy. File Photo

No. No. Nooooooo!  There are rumors hitting the Internets that Jennifer Lopez and Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs or P. Diddy or P. Didddly Diddly Didddly Dee or Swag are hooking up again.  Seriously?

The man with more names than Charlie Sheen's Ho A Dex is said to be glad with his "fantasy" girl and is very excited.  Puff The Magic Dragon's friends however, are afraid that J. Lo is going to hurt him and not be there for him when he really needs her.  Her hurt him?  Really?

We all know that Sean still carries a torch for J. Lo, and with her recently divorcing Marc Anthony, we have a feeling he planted this story himself.

I am not believing it!  Until I see a photo of them together, I am not buying it.  I thought she didn't like things that were "puffy" anymore.  Nope.  Not believing it. 

What do you guys think?  Should she get back with....shudder....P. Diddy?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Seeing That Dress Again Yes.  Diddy? No!


Video: “Looking For Love” Diddy Dirty Money Featuring Usher

Here is the latest from Diddy Dirty Money video "Looking For Love" featuring Usher. Maybe if this was 1999, this video would work. I keep looking at Usher's beard and think, dang, Rick Ross lost weight!

Not sure if she is "Looking For Love" but bringing up Biggie again? Sigh. There are a few tracks on Diddy Dirty Money's CD I like, and this is not one of them. So, I am biased.

What do you think of "Looking For Love" by Diddy Dirty Money with Usher?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Diddy Needs To Look Elsewhere


Video Premiere: Mindless Behavior “My Girl” Funk It Or Dunk It?

"My Girl" is by Mindless Behavior and I see a few throwbacks to P. Diddy/Missy Elliot videos of the late 90's.

The song starts off by the boys seeing that them and their girls sure text a lot and that she must love them. 

Don't miss the breakdown point around 2:17.

Check out Mindless Behavior and let us know if we should Funk it Or Dunk It?


Video Premiere: Farnzworth Bentley(?) & Anthony Hamilton “Greener”

I guess he does do more than hold an umbrella for P. Diddy. Farnzworth Bentley has released a video for "Greener" with Anthony Hamilton.  Seriously?

No, it is not a song about manure being planted into the earth although it is called "Greener" but maybe after hearing it, you might wish it was.

His rapping flow..is different.  Doesn't mean it is good.  So I ask.....

"Greener"  Funk it Or Dunk It?-Dr.FB


Katy Perry Addicted To Twitter; Nervous Meeting Madonna

Katy Perry's Black & White Number.  Photo: Esquire.com
Katy Perry's Black & White Number.  Photo: Esquire.com

Katy Perry's Black & White Number. Photo: Esquire.com

Katty Perry is a Twitter addict although she doesn't post half as much as P. Diddy.  It seems she twittered about a great Mexican restaurant she was at or going to and a group of people showed up. 

She recently talked about how when she met Madonna, she was too nervous to say anything but "thank you" to her.  She couldn't muster anything else.  I can feel Katy on this one.  When I finally met Mariah Carey I was like I am gonna be cool I am gonna be cool and she said hello to me and I just said "Hi, how are you?" with the biggest Kool-Aid smile grin and I think I scared her with my come hither look.   Hope I get to make that up sometime soon.

Regardless, it's nice to know Katy has those moments too.-Dr.FB

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The Boston Celtics Eliminate The Bulls In Memorable Playoff Series



The Boston Celtics eliminated the Chicago Bulls from the playoffs after a great playoff series.

You are not beating Boston at the Garden when it is game 7.  Said it all along.  Now, the Celtics will play the Orlando Magic on Monday night.  Will Orlando step up or sleep walk like they did against the 76ers in game 1 of the first round where they got spanked? I will be looking forward to Monday as well as my Los Angeles Lakers take on the Houston Rockets.

Tune in Monday.  Us?  We have a fight to cover and P. Diddy already beat us to our seat.-Dr.FB