Madonna Picks Taylor Momsen To Be “Material Girl” Spokesmodel

Madonna Picks Taylor Momsen To Be “Material Girl” Spokesmodel

Taylor Momsen. Photo:

Taylor Momsen. Photo:

Well, I guess wearing those garters and stockings since 16 years old and she is only 17 paid off.

Madonna has picked “Gossip Girl” and “Pretty Reckless” lead singer Taylor Momsen to be the face of her “Material Girl” clothing line debuting at Macys.

“I was ecstatic to be asked. It’s such an honor. It’s Madonna. I was kind of shocked. She’s amazing.”

“The role entails doing the launch of the line on Aug. 3 at Herald Square. And I’ll be tweeting and talking about the line. We did a photo shoot for the first pieces of the collection. It’s a really great line. It’s really cool.”-Taylor Momsen

If her daughter was only a few years older, we wonder if Lourdes would have been a better choice. 

What do you think of Madonna’s hand-picked choice of Taylor to be the “Material Girl” spokesperson model?-Dr.FB




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