“Material Girl” Commercial Airs: Meet Madonna In New York!

The first commercial for “Material Girl”, the Madonna fashion line for Macy’s has debuted! It features Taylor Momsen but you wouldn’t know it as they just show the clothes and not her face. Also, the end of the video gives you info how to meet Madonna at the launch of the clothing line. Check it […]

Madonna Picks Taylor Momsen To Be “Material Girl” Spokesmodel

Taylor Momsen. Photo:

Well, I guess wearing those garters and stockings since 16 years old and she is only 17 paid off. Madonna has picked “Gossip Girl” and “Pretty Reckless” lead singer Taylor Momsen to be the face of her “Material Girl” clothing line debuting at Macys. “I was ecstatic to be asked. It’s such an honor. It’s […]

Macys Close To Filing For Bankruptcy

According to reports Macys is on the VERGE of filing for bankruptcy!!! Its due to shoes and other things the chain carries and makes. What parade will people have for Thanksgiving if that happens?-Dr.FB

Jessica Simpson Gets Fancy

We were just sent in a reminder that Christina Aguilera is not the only one with a perfume this holiday season.  Have to love that Send Us News link on the right side of the site. Jessica Simpson was in Chicago at a Macy’s promoting her new perfume “Fancy”.  Wonder which one smells better? By […]

Christina Aguilera Promotes New Perfume

Britney Spears may be returning to the top of the charts next week but Christina Aguilera unvelied her new perfume fragrance last night in Macy’s in beautiful Glendale last night. Isn’t this girl coming out with a new fragrance like every 4 months?  Not hating just saying. We hear her and her husband will be […]