“Material Girl” Commercial Airs: Meet Madonna In New York!

The first commercial for “Material Girl”, the Madonna fashion line for Macy’s has debuted!

It features Taylor Momsen but you wouldn’t know it as they just show the clothes and not her face.

Also, the end of the video gives you info how to meet Madonna at the launch of the clothing line.

Check it out above and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB





    I’m surprised she named it that name. She always said she dreaded “Material Girl” Name. Wished she never sung the song now she endorsing a whole clothing line with the same name…Poor Madonna running out of ideas I guess….

  2. J. Green

    I don’t like Macy’s and Madonna shouldn’t endorse them. They are a bad, greedy business.

  3. douglas

    yes…….you too can dress like a 51 year old hag with shriveled hands

    I mean, isn’t this clothing line like 30 years late?

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