T.I. & Tiny Arrested For Pot And Sizzurp

T.I. & Tiny. File Photo
T.I. & Tiny. File Photo

T.I. & Tiny. File Photo

This is not good news for T.I. who just got out of jail and is on 3 years probation.

T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle were arrested on Sunset Boulevard here in L.A. last night.

They pulled T.I. over for a traffic violation and smelled pot coming from the car.  Inside the car, there were styrofoam cups that reportedly had sizzurp inside.  What is sizzurp?  If you are from the South, you may already know. 

Sizzurp is called a purple drank….not drink…drank…that has codeine in it. 

L.A. County would not confirm that was found but photos and video obtained by TMZ shows the cups.

T.I. and Tiny were booked and have been released on $10,000 bail.-Dr.FB




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  4. Busy body

    how sad how the media spends all there time trying to take the smallest thing and blow it up .it would be so nice to be able to turn the camera on to the media’s personal life follow them around and expose the person lives to the world i’m sure it wouldn’t take but a short time to find weed ,booze, pills, and porn in there cars and home but if they can keep you focused on TI and Tiny and other famous entertainers Well! that keeps the focus off of them , This couple just married who doesn’t celebrate they were picked out because the famous and there waiting for TI to do anything as long as your on paper your still in jail. this is all blown up. ya! dirty job but it pays the bills….right?

  5. Bittersweet

    Have any of you brainiacs ever stopped to ask yourself (since you are so very enlightened) why certain people of a certain caliber are always in the news??? What is the intent? To inform? I think not, at least not merely for the sake of informing. Since when has the media’s agenda been to inform and uplift? Come on, guys. We need to see through the purple haze, the smoke screens, and the trick mirrors. What we think is real is just an illusion to cause dilusion and confusion. Whatever is being said and done is a front for the guy who continues to throw the rock and hide his hand. You’d better ask somebody – just not the media!

  6. Maryam

    What if they’re innocent, what if they’re guilty, what if people would stop focusing on other people’s business and spend more of their time focusing on important issues. This is why the media has to promulgate this kind of press. As a part of a machine that the ignorant masses keeps well-greased, it is the media’s job to distract the masses from what really matters in society. So close your mouth and do something to free your incarcerated mind!

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