New Rihanna! Listen Now To “Only Girl (In The World)”


Rihanna. Photo:

Ryan Seacrest this morning debuted “Only Girl (In The World)” by Rihanna.

It’s from her upcoming CD entitled “Loud” and is set for release in November.  Hopefully, this will have a different vibe from her last CD. 

Check out the new Rihanna and let us know what you think. 


Funk it or Dunk it?-Dr.FB




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  3. Phillynpg

    I like it..Im a bit surprised that she is coming out with a new CD so soon, but happy nonetheless….

  4. Soundz like old Rihanna 2 me. I like how she’s progressed thru the yrs but it’s not bad. Lyrics R good but could’ve done better with diff. music. Not completely dislikable.

  5. pelicankiss

    It’s decent. Not a song I’d really want to listen to anywhere outside of the club, but it’s not bad.

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