Video: Linkin Park Perform “Catalyst” For MTV Awards

OK, to me, Linkin Park's performance was not as "cool" as other MTV moments. I am just not feeling it at all.

Am I alone in this?  What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  2. just want to say…i love LINKIN PARK….and PHOENIX….

  3. it doesn’t matter what others would say …for me…linkin park is the best band ever!!!kodus to their new album A THOUSAND SANDS… will surely grab a copy of my own..another best from the band ..love to see them perform…i hope they’re coming back to manila, philippines. love linkin park!!!

  4. i was at this performence and trust me it looked alot better being there but ya baout this song im not so sure lol its definitly different but hopefully the tour wil rock

  5. I hope you know I meant whatthefunkenberry, no offense meant, just a bit a fun… but ur crazy these ROCK! :)

  6. I totally disagree Dr. WTF these white boys got some serious sou!l and can REALLY sing and harmonize AND write thier own stuff. I was totally feeling it and would love 2 c them perform live especially my fav song by them. Love Linkin Park

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