Smoke Or Fire? People Magazine Covers Ashton Cheating On Demi Story

Demi Moore. Photo:

Demi Moore. Photo:

This is NOT good.  When Star Magazine claimed that Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore a few weeks ago and he right out the bat threatened to sue for slander, we were like, “Yea, we can’t see Ashton cheating on Demi.”  Then Star went with another girl who claimed to have been with Ashton.  No take-back of the story, but another girl. 

We were wondering why Ashton didn’t file yet.  Now, People Magazine is covering the story saying the couple is happy in public but very angry behind the scenes.

It seems there is a “don’t ask, don’t tell” thing going on with friends who know the truth. 

The couple is celebrating their 5th anniversary this week.  When the couple first got married, the age difference was brought in big time as she was one of the first women in Hollywood at the time to marry a younger man. 

So here we are, several weeks later, no lawsuits filed against Star and now People covering it.  We like them together and hope it is not true but as they say, where there is smoke there is fire.

Do you think Ashton cheated on Demi?-Dr.FB



  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 01:05h, 23 September

    Older guys are better with Viagra? 😉

  • douglas
    Posted at 22:03h, 22 September

    She is old and he is just moving on. It was bound to happen. She will find an older guy. Older guys are the best. She should have known.

  • Chocolate_Box
    Posted at 19:54h, 22 September

    I hate to talk bad about anyone. But yes I do think he did. I’ve learned if something keeps popping up it usually is true. Ashton is not as nice as he portrays to be on TV. Its all an act..

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