PRINCE Set To Funk Up Northern Europe

Prince playing a concert ar Arras in France, July 12
Prince playing a concert ar Arras in France, July 12

Prince playing a concert ar Arras in France, July 12

The one and only PRINCE we hear is set to perform in Norway October 18th and Northern Europe for 7 dates to be announced in total so far.

The greatest living performer alive (Eat your heart out Gaga) has been rehearsing for the shows at his Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota for almost a month. 

No word yet what has been rehearsed but the Dr. is all ears..and if he can tell you.  How cool would it be to see Prince rehearse?  Jamming on the piano.  The bass.  The guitar.  The keyboards.  And for the 2nd song......

Well, we cannot tell you yet what is being rehearsed and I hope I am not going to get a few purple lashes for this but we hear that drummer extraordinaire John Blackwell is back with the Minneapolis genius along with..... I've said too much already but we will keep you posted!

When dates are set and confirmed, we will let you know.

Tell Elin to come, tigers! 

Norway and Northern Europe are you ready to get FUNKY??-Dr.FB


The Norway show: Tickets will be 898 NOK - € 112,90 - $ 152.34
There is also an age restriction of 18 & over.
Update 2:
October 20, Forum, Copenhagen
October 22, MCH Multiarena, Herning
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  1. Great news – saw Prince at Roskilde festival; it was magical….

    Please come to Copenhagen, Denmark again Prince…

  2. darn!! I was gonna go 2 both shows but Janelle’s was proly after that he was like eew! 18 n up only. And since I already spend all my time with teens I was like PASS. Then treid to get some grrls 2 go to Esparanza REALLY wanted that one but no!! I shoulda just went by my onesy 🙁



  5. Great….I want to see him again this year….any news about Zagreb gig? Norway is a litle far for me…but one can never tell…meaby…arras was really great!

  6. belgium is also waiting 4 your purple master

    we love you like you love everybody

    great gig in werchter and arras

  7. Yay! Germany is ready for some funk!

  8. please GERMANY again!!!!!!!!!!! WE want the Funk here back!!!!! :)))

  9. Any chance of him coming to the UK?………..just asking…………:-)

  10. Great news. 10 years between each visit in Norway, almost. It is time for us nothern funk soldiers 2 experience some real music again! :-))) And great news 2 hear John is back. Shhh and 777-93-11 is again in safe drummer hands 🙂 The party started last night for me with this great news, and will go on til oct. 19th, when the aftershow finish 😀

  11. Great news !!! that drummer extraordinaire John Blackwell is back (Yes!!! ) with the Minneapolis genius along with…. not Maceo Parker as he’ll be touring Europe ( mostly France ) as well… :’ (
    18 & over…hummm…sounds like he would play censored songs lol !!

  12. What about HOLLAND P???? We’re soooooooooo close…………….COME O)+>

  13. OK, I so wanna see Prince live!! This sucks now that I’m old enough to see him and can afford it, he isn’t doing any US shows. OK, so I’d go to N. Europe to see him..I need a vacation anyway! lol And I’ve been there before, I wonder where I can get tickets? It’s hard to find anything lately on line when it comes to this genius! C’mon Prince, make it easier for a US fan to come all the way to Europe to see you, I’ve been wanting too for 22yrs to see you live!!!

  14. He’s back

  15. 18 and Over, I wants ta bone ya!

  16. Thanx Doc 4 the gr8 news.

    Prince please come 2 Finland, pretty pleeaase !

    Peace & luv

  17. we are living in 1 world.I missed a lots of gigs in usa.now it s our time in europe so coolwe will miss none .and i hope he will hit south america 2.and asia when?tks the 1 2 spread his lov all around the world in 1 life.
    Peace lov unity and havin …

  18. Thanks for the info doc.
    Upset that I cannot go (again)
    Prince I love YOU..

  19. u lucky ppl in europe b funky 4 us usa fans 2 and big plz come back and some shows here start with bmore first, please! live 2 c the dawn ya’ll!

  20. cool thanx 4 sharing the info…. wish he would come back and do shows in the US

  21. Happy that Europe will be getting somemore love this year, However Purple Yoda better bring his lil azz to the states and soon!! New Orleans first please!!!!

  22. Enjoy him, Europe!!!

  23. Sitting in New York reading this fab news. Was at Paisley Park late August. (In fact I also puryfied myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka!!!) Maybe HE was there rehearsing??? C U in Bergen!!!

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