Janelle Monae Jams With PRINCE!

Prince & Janelle Monae. Photo: Claire Greenway/Frank Micelotta/Getty Images
Prince & Janelle Monae. Photo: Claire Greenway/Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Prince & Janelle Monae. Photo: Claire Greenway/Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

So Janelle Monae was in Minneapolis, MN last night at First Avenue and some purple spies tell us PRINCE was in attendance with his full band. 

Janelle had to Tweet before the show about First Avenue knowing it was where Purple Rain, the greatest rock n roll movie ever made, was filmed.

We heard after Janelle funkdafied First Ave, she headed back to Paisley Park, Prince's recording studios in Minneapolis for those who don't know, and jammed with Prince and his 8(?) piece band for a couple of hours with her and her band. 

Why oh why couldn't have someone filmed that?  All that funk in one place?  We might have passed out from the overload of true artists creating. 

Something special happened with Janelle as she had to tweet this:

Finally learning something that I have been trying to learn for a while! Yes!!!!

We also hear that PRINCE and the band checked out Esperanza Spaulding at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minnesota earlier in the week as well.

Janelle and Esperanza are GREAT musicians in their own right.  Make sure to check them out if you haven't already. 

With PRINCE set to tour Northern Europe next month, we wonder what other purple surprised we can expect soon?  One can hope, right?-Dr.FB

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  1. Janelle and Prince are proper;so inspiring!

    @Georgie: You’re rude,simply rude;wow,you’re really unbelievable. You think like that? Really? Sorry for you, man.

  2. 2nd thought Atmosphere curse WAY 2 much!! I had only heard one of their songs when he said he wanted 2 C them. Shoulda woulda coulda took the kiddies 2 C Janelle 🙁 Oh well maybe next time. Please play the park again soon r better yet let us watch rehersal’s 4 “Welcome” that was the best time ever when I was 17 n Jesse took us 2 yalls rehersal.

  3. It was October btw…a year now:( So inspiring!! Thanx bro i started dancing again after that and lost 22 lbs. YEAY! I really let myself go so sad…we all need 2 do what makes us happy like when we were kids even if we cant do it for a living like u, we have the most important componant our spiritual needs met, we and gotta combat these “critical times” wit somthin so thank u.
    I was thinking “here a lot more” didn’t end up happening??? I better diem some carpe next time eh.
    Atmosphere on th 27th! T’s first time @ FirstAve will b cool even if they $%^#% a little u gotta pick ur battles yaknow, he could be into Miley Cyrus or god forbid Biber. u’ll proly still b on tour, I just pray 4 ur safe return n hope u find some sincere conscience ones out there. oh and hope it wasn’t smthin said? did? cos of course I remember, just state of mind that day, mom in surgery ect.

  4. These two are the only real hope for popular music today.

  5. I wish she would do something with her horrible hair, hate the way it bounces about. I wanna get garden shears to that nasty mess.

  6. Dang, It would of been nice if the locals would of gotten a treat @ Paisley to c a late show. It’s been a minute! LAST NOVEMBER! 🙁

  7. Esperanza Spalding is also performing in Northern Europe (and other parts of Europe) when Prince & the Band are there… Janelle Monáe is coming to Europe this winter, too… (for example Zurich, Switzerland 12/11/10)…

  8. Any confirmation on the new band line up


  10. please come back to b-more hope 2 c u soon


  12. Oh how cool!! Damn, I hate I miss all the good shows, it sucks living in a small town where no one has any funk or even cares about it! I’ve got to get to a cool place like Minneapolis so I can catch these kick ass shows!

  13. Would luv 2 c Prince & Janelle on stage 2gether

  14. if only he was purchasing talents 2 play in his future jass festival ‘de nice’.IT would b so nice.
    partu where u are.

  15. coool thanx 4 sharing the info

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