PRINCE Announces More 20Ten Tour Dates

Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz
Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz

Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz

Prince has announced some more tour dates for October and November. /p>

The CONFIRMED dates are:
October 15: Helsinki, Finland
October 18: Bergen, Norway (possible for the 17th also)
October 20: Copenhagen, Danmark
October 22: Herning, Danmark
October 26: Antwerp, Belgium
November 2: Roma, Italy
November 3: Milano, Italy
November 14: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Barcelona and Zurich dates should be coming soon. Asia, you want to be in the mix? More details soon…..-Dr.FB




  1. Junglelove

    Finally, Prince, it has simply been too long ago (if I don’t count Arras and Werchter 🙂 !
    We can not wait! We’ll give you the biggest Purple Party you can imagine!

  2. Marco

    Dear Prince,
    because of the fact that the internet is dead…like u said earlier…
    I sold my Computer…and so….

    …I don’t know if u will play live…
    …I don’t know where u will play live…
    …I don’t know when u will play live…
    …I can’t reach these Places…
    …without buying Tickets 4 the Concert, 4 the Plane/Train….
    …by internet!

    …with all these facts…
    I’m sorry but I can’t c u this year live on stage again…but…anyway…have fun!

  3. ljcool will b barcelonna and milano 4 me.
    DID he heard about the most beatiful town in the world:marseilles.
    YPPI HI:)

  4. Twinkly1

    This is so fantastic. No doubt all of the Prince music and Purple love will contribute to a funky European heatwave!

  5. Chocolatsis65

    Im sooo jealous not of him playing there vs. here im just jealous he’s going to to Italy 🙁 and Barcelona. I know its work, but Wah! i wish i……………….

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  7. HollDoll

    The US could use a little love…… Why Prince? Why have you forsaken us?? There’s still SO many people here AT HOME who adore you!! At least consider a few dates for us…. please?

  8. Noorleisa

    …please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please,please, please, please, please, please come to UK…I owe my daughter a concert or two! X

  9. Barcelona!!! “The illusion continue”

    PRINCE vente para España, te esperamos con los brazos abiertos, el corazón levantado y el bolsillo reventado. ;D

    Te echamos de menos, sabes que te queremos, vuelve a tu casa. Thx.

  10. berlinstar

    please berlin again… this time with aftershow… come on .. 05.07. was more than fantastic AND YOU FEEL THAT TOO PRINCE!!! we are in a better shape than the a… you told us that. WE ARE READY FOR THE BIG FUNK .. WRONG::: WE CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOUR FUNK!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. purplelilly

    this is a life long dream come true…..finally in Roma…. feel the love all across the other side of the world!!!!

  12. kenni

    Doc. once again, thank you for the Prince news and updates. I am so happy for all those that are able to attend. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of the Daily Mail with the “free” 20Ten cd as it looks unlikely that there will be a 20Ten tour in the U.S or cd distribution. Thank you again for sharing.

  13. PurpleTrekkie

    the silver & red reminds me of a Christmas tree ornament (no, that is not a crack on his height; we’re the same height) 🙂

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