PRINCE Announces More 20Ten Tour Dates

Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz
Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz

Prince. Photo: Jet Magazine.Mike Ruiz

Prince has announced some more tour dates for October and November. /p>

The CONFIRMED dates are:
October 15: Helsinki, Finland
October 18: Bergen, Norway (possible for the 17th also)
October 20: Copenhagen, Danmark
October 22: Herning, Danmark
October 26: Antwerp, Belgium
November 2: Roma, Italy
November 3: Milano, Italy
November 14: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Barcelona and Zurich dates should be coming soon. Asia, you want to be in the mix? More details soon.....-Dr.FB


PRINCE Has A “Hot Summer” In New York

Prince Performs In Nice 2010

Prince Performs In Nice 2010

Prince Performs In Nice 2010 | Photo by Dazzler3000

The one and only (and one of Funkenberry's favorites) PRINCE was a social butterfly in New York last week. 

He checked Lalah Hathaway and Dwele show at B.B. Kings and then afterwards, went to another club where Robin Thicke was performing and saw the purple one in the crowd and did a little bit of "Kiss" which we heard got Prince moving.  What?  Gotta love it when the men try to sing "Kiss" and try to hit the high note.  Even when it's the biggest baddest brother's in the place, it's funny as anything in heaven, babies!

Then on Thursday night he saw the musical "Fela" and he was not alone!

"Fela" which is based on the music of Fela Kuti, a Nigerian composer attracted the likes of Prince the same night Bruce Springsteen was there!  2 musical icons and we don't know if  the two talked, compared bank accounts, or if they even ran into each other. 

Afterwards, Prince took to the Groove to check out some musical talent. 

Prince has definitely had a "Hot Summer" for sure with the release of his CD 20Ten which is still NOT available in the States unless you want it on Ebay.

We have heard rumors that Prince has several tour options on his lap from the U.S. to more shows overseas and even Timbuktu.  My guess would be that he would go back overseas and make a few stops.  The U.S. fans would love to see Prince but it makes sense to make the other fans happy and go where the money is.  Remember, that's ME saying that, OK?

It's always nice to hear bout the coolest man in music enjoying himself.  It seems the NY paps though could not locate Prince so no photos to share but hope you enjoy this one of him performing earlier this summer in Nice.

If you see Prince in New York or back in his hometown of Minneapolis, tell him the doctor says hi n is already at works of new ventures when it comes to media.  We can "Laydown" too!-Dr.FB


Inside Prince’s Brussels Aftershow – Photos!


 "Straight from the heart of Minnesota, here comes the Purple Yoda."

As we were fortunate enough to pass onto you, Prince played an after show in Belgium over the weekend in the city of Brussels.

There was first an hour set by bass legend Larry Graham (surprised he was jamming that late) and then Prince took the stage with his own band and jammed for another hour.

We heard Prince played a new song from his 20Ten CD entitled "Future Soul Song" and that must sound great live.  Errr....not like I would know what the song sounds like yet or anything.  Ahem.  It's like my Internet connection is dead or something. 

Prince wore a t-shirt over a dressy hoody and jammed on his signature guitar, the Hohner.  Check out the EXCLUSIVE  photos above.....for now.  Although we were not there, we want to thank Prince and his peeps for passing the word onto us.

Prince looks GREAT in the photos and playful.  There are rumors of an aftershow in Vienna but nothing has been announced officially.  If we get word, we will pass it on.

And to those of you in France, we got word that 20Ten will be available July 22nd through Courier International-Dr.FB

Thanks to CKOneParis for the photos.


EXCLUSIVE: Prince Throws Aftershow In Brussels, Belgium


We got exclusive word from the Purple Underground that Prince was going to throw one of his legendary aftershows, Saturday night in Brussels!!!

Prince, Larry Graham, Mint Condition Aftershow....

Viage - Brussels
Boulevard Anspach 30
1000 Brussels

Hope you all hd the night of your life n you all got sticky like glue!!!! ;) hehe-Dr.FB


Extra! Extra! Prince To Release New CD Via Newspaper; WB Update


Prince's new CD 20Ten (some title) will be released first through a Belgium newspaper on July 10.  An interview took place with the newspaper which teases the release.

Other newspaper deals may follow as deals were trying to be reached.  Warner Bros. was mentioned as releasing the CD to other countries not participating in the newspaper giveaway.  More than likely that means the U.S. as when he did the giveaway before, the U.S. was not part of it.

As we previously reported, Prince met with Warner Bros. Records on Tuesday, and the distribution deal appears to already be in place.  We have learned what was discussed was the deal, but also something else.  So, this distribution deal could actually lead to something else.  Hmm.   I still want a live DVD.

Tuesday night, Prince attended a show by Cassandra Wilson in Hollywood.  As we mentioned before, he is in town for the BET Awards this Sunday where he is recieveng the Lifetime Achievement Award, but is not performing.