?uestLove & John Legend Give Props To Prince

John Legend was talking records with ?uestLove who has a record collection ov over 70,000 and the subject of what 3 records would have to be in your collection and 2 of 3 were from the man, PRINCE!

Check out the clip above for which records it would be.  I think ?uest needs to check out my record collection one day.  Hehe.-Dr.FB

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  1. i agree with mojobass…smart man indeed

  2. great clip, thats a huge endorsement from a dude who knows his music.

  3. sweet

  4. Smart man.

  5. Wow! A collection of over 70,000 records! I’m lucky to have my 30 to maybe 40 cd’s. And a out half of those are Prince. Not lucky enough to have any vinyls at the moment. I let go of all my vinyls about 15 years ago and one of them was an UNOPENED “Thriller” full album. 🙁

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