New Prince Song “Rich Friends” Listen Now!

Prince 20Ten CD Cover
Prince 20Ten CD Cover

Prince 20Ten CD Cover

Here is the new song from PRINCE, "Rich Friends" and I want to know what you think! Check it out!

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What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. Prince – still got it going on!!! Happy with your music since 1978 and not going anywhere!!

  2. I like the sound, groovy and funky and Prince all in one. The girls sound GREAT TOO!!! I see a US tour coming soon. Give us some more….

  3. Sounds like he pulled this from the vault. Sounds like 90’s Prince.

  4. It’s OK.. love seeing he’s putting out new stuff. Hoping it’ll bring him in concert in the US for sure. I wish he would do a compilation with one of the newer artist or with Will Iam or Fergie or something. Just a thought. Thanks for posting this though..peace!

  5. Also like his soulful falsetto and the choir background vocals……….and the playful instrumental background instruments reminiscent of my name title song…

  6. See,…. Once again,…. it sounds like he put this together from start to finish while watching the soaps on lazy, uninspired afternoon.

    Is it just me or does it sound like he is giving 50% effort these days??? IF so….. he should take a few years off… recharge his batteries so to speak.

    Musgrave – Chicago

  7. It

  8. Just what I expected..Its another masterpiece….Eye can’t stop playing……

  9. Some how a little laboured – could use a little curve ball maybe- but may well grow.

    All tongue and cheek?

  10. i like it i like it

  11. …sounds so “dated”. like a B-side from Emancipation. Not impressed with this track.

  12. Mmm, it’s gonna have to grow on me (put that joint on repeat). My man can sing about anything … I need some RICH FRIENDS … LoL

  13. Messy. This is so awful. Sad, but expected at this point.

  14. I don’t like it just some more lack luster purple mess .Don’t get me wrong i’ve been a fan since the FOR YOU album . I get the message and all that and what he’s saying is true but music is suposed to take us away from all the crazyness in the world not remind us with every tune.But thanks so much Dr.F for posting it.My favorite site.P

  15. Who needs rich friends when you have fans buying into crappy web site endeavors and overpriced concert tickets overseas?

  16. Sounds like “Get Your Groove On.”

  17. Thanks for posting,doc.

  18. interesting lyrics, er, lyrix. is he calling out people who lived off of him? and criticizing religion? even a mention of “holidays”. hmmm…. que curiosidad!

  19. Alright! Love getting new music from the purple yoda. Can’t wait to see what we learn in tonight’s press conference. I’m hoping it’s a giant US tour – BRING IT ON!!!

  20. Good song! Very catchy and I really like the beat… playful but fonkay. This would sound so good at a club.

  21. liking the song alot thanx 4 sharing

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