Is Beyonce Pregnant?

Beyonce   Photo: WireImage.com

Beyonce Golden Globes 2009. Photo: WireImage.com

Beyonce is pregnant.  That is if you believe US Weekly, who is stating Beyonce is pregnant with Jay-Z's baby.

US reports that Honey-B (Err..did I really just type that?) is in her first trimester which usually no one really talks pregnancy til you make it to the 2nd trimester.

They were not trying for a baby, the magazine reports and say it was a surprise for both of them.

There has been no word from Beyonce's or Jay-Z's camp on the pregnancy rumor yet.-Dr.FB

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  1. i love her an i cant believe shes having a baby i love babys

  2. she is member of illuminati , i hate her!

  3. im so happy if it is really true

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