Prince Loses His Shirt! Photo!

Prince. Photo: Uncredited
Prince. Photo: Uncredited

Prince. Photo: Uncredited

Oh boy!

While Prince was performing in Herning, they got more than they bargained for when Prince's shirt broke wide open!

We sent a tweet and posted this to our Facebook Fan Page where one person named Kristina was there had this to say;

 "It was not a wardrobe malfunction, it was deliberate. And super sexy. I was only 2 rows from the front and got a very good view... Oh yeah baby."

Deliberate or not, we want to see pictures!  So......anyone who was there, can you provide pictures of Prince topless....er....we mean shirtless?  We will swear to secrecy where the photos came from.

Stay tuned.......-Dr.FB

Update: Thanks to reader Axel Aberle for the heads up of sending this photo to us.  There might be more photos as soon as some friends of his wake up from the funk fest they experienced.

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  1. The song was “Delirious” I was directly infront of HIM!!!!! <3
    It was so amazing…. couldn't stop screaming……:P

  2. This boy is pure beauty

  3. HOT PIC ! 😛

  4. No email found. Hit me here http://www.drfunkenberry.com/contact-dr-funk/ and let us know you have pics and I will email you back directly from an email address. Thank you.

  5. I’ve sent you an e-mail with a few pictures.

  6. Damn I wish I was there…..what was the song?

  7. He’s ripped!
    Nothing to be ashamed of!!

  8. Hi every1,

    u can see a picture of Prince ‘topless’ from Herning (concert yesterday) on my Facebook Wall (Axel Aberle).
    It’s not complete topless, only a open shirt…

    Axel Aberle

  9. pics? i need a video! 😛 but okeyyyyy pictures will do fine…4 now 😀

  10. LOL @ Funkteer. Ur so bad. Haven’t we seen enough with those white pants. LOL. I remember the last time he snatched his shirt open at MSG for Musicology. Suddenly I just dropped. Wasn’t expecting that. Good thing some nice people caught me b4 I hit the floor.

    Pictures please! :-)

  11. Wish his pants would fall off next time…. : P

  12. damn! can’t wait to see those pics!!!!!

  13. cough, cough,,,,,and was there a 4 pack 2 show 4?

  14. Bet they did!

  15. Yes, pics please!!!

  16. What no exclusive Pics?? c’mon bring the goods! :)

  17. cool thanx 4 the info


    A return of his royal badness!! The rude boy!!

  19. That’s sounded like an awesome show.. LoL

  20. Now all we need is a steaming rendition of “Head” and it’s back 2 the old days !

  21. Photo pls ! lol

  22. and what a setlist!!!!

  23. I dont want to hear anymore unless pics come with it,lol!
    Why is “Temptation” playing in my mind?!?! lol

  24. He is such a BAAAAADDDDDDD BOOOYYYYYY! AND I LOVE IT! It only wears well on him though.All others need not attempt! :)

  25. Where is the pic?

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