Sheila E. Is Out For Rest Of Prince Tour

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For our friends overseas who were enjoying Sheila E. playing with Prince, I hope you enjoyed it as it appears she will not be joining him for further dates.

Sheila posted this on her Facebook and Twitter accounts earlier;

“Hello to all my fans who came out to the shows Bergen, Copenhagen & Herning. I am so blessed. (bad news 4 those who won’t see me in Italy) Prince changed his mind to have me on those dates. My apologies for any inconvenience I have caused you. God bless and I will see you soon.”

No word yet if Sheila will be one of the guests on those “Welcome 2 America” dates which still have not officially been announced when or where they will take place.-Dr.FB




  1. Chocolate_Box777

    eYe wOnDeR wHaT hAPPeNeD? i wAnT 2 kNoW tHe DIrT. aNd dOn’t aCt lIKE aNy oF U dOn’t wAnT tO kNOw eItHeR….LOL

  2. frankie cosentino

    gentleman who commented on prince taking drugs,for the record prince never took drugs,just throwing it out there.:-)

  3. Royal Rican Prince

    Another one of those unexplicable “prince” decisions that have littered his career.

  4. letitbeat

    i wonder if it had anything to do with her asking for vids and pics from the shows

  5. NADIA

    IT IS A DAMN SHAME!! she is amazin’ and some fans might expected 2 C her on the next shows… hope he changes his mind about having her back on tour with him..cuz she is an amazin lady and we love her!

  6. noo!! i saw her tweet! i really wanna she her! i can only think of one more drummer on the same level as her..PHIL COLLINS!! crosses fingers to see sh her in welcome to america

  7. AC

    it was her last video on facebook that did it. She made it look like prince was with her when in fact he wasn’t. she of all people should know better. She it getting a bit to big for her britches anyway. She is self absorbed.

  8. kenni

    I to feel it is unfair to both Prince and Sheila E that some are making assumptions. As the Doc. has said in the past…we need to stick with the “subject/topic” and leave it there. Peace and love.

  9. Daphne

    All I have to say is this…..yes I enjoyed seeing Sheila E in Copenhagen and Herning, she looked fabolous and really did a cool job at her performances. However, its up to Prince who he has on his stage. (I was happy to see Ida, but missed seeing Larry Graham) And really, he only needs 1 drummer, and John Blackwell rocks it! So, Prince probably just decided he needed one drummer and JB was the one. Shelia will be missed, but the show will go on because Prince is an amazing performer and I would be just as happy to see him with no band! LOL Regardless of the band behind him, the Italy and December shows will be awesome, can’t wait for the NY and NJ shows myself!

  10. No One Important

    Dr.FB said:

    “No word yet if Sheila will be one of the guests on those “Welcome 2 America” dates”

    actually if you recall, there was word from prince himself at the press conference that sheila would participate. perhaps that has now changed???

  11. Purplerose

    Chill people. She simply said he changed his mind, she didn’t say they had a fallout. She apparently knew she was listed as being part of the European tour, and obviously, now she won’t be for the remainder of it. Maybe Prince is changing up the show for Italy. At least Sheila informed fans ahead of time, before they go to the remainder shows expecting her to be a part of it. Let’s just wait and see what happens instead of jumping to conclusions and making up all kinds of assumptions.

    I do wish some “official” info would be announced about the American shows, since there seems to be info on it coming from everywhere else but the “source or source’s camp”.

  12. Rakabash

    A lot of people need to stop using this update to disrespect Prince’s personal life (bringing up his failed marriages was low), but there are many reasons why Prince booted Sheila E. from his European tour. Maybe it’s financial, maybe Prince can’t afford to pay Sheila for these gigs and figured that a percussionist was the easiest expenditure to get rid to keep the tour solvent. Maybe Sheila has some personal things to take care of first. She only had 140 characters to type her message, so she might be leaving some things out. Last thing, people should do is blast Prince without knowing the entire story.

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  14. Nothinbutjoy

    Don’t invite in trouble folks. He changed his mind. That’s all that’s known outside of Sheila E. & Prince.

  15. Thats fucked up, big-time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Prince wonders why he cant keep his wives!!!!!!!LOLOLOLOL

    He cant even keep his drummers!!!!!LOLOLOLOLOL

  16. Musgrave

    See that hurts…….. I’ll Miss Sheila…. The last time I was hurt with news like this…. Prince removed ERIC LEEDS from the line up!

    Musgrave – Chicago



  18. Angel

    “changed his mind” that’s F’d up. 🙁 LOOOVED seeing Sheila’s pics and vids. that’s a bummer. sorry Sheila!

  19. Erica

    not sure why that happened :/ … but I’m sure she’ll probably do something in NYC with her own band one of these days 🙂

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