Exclusive: Photos Of Prince Performing In Italy – More Added!


Special delivery from Italy!!! Check out these purple gems that landed in our inbox in the wee hours this morning...

These are official shots from the purple one himself taken at his show two night ago in Rome, Italy where he and the NPG funked it up!

Molto bene, Prince! Thanks, as always, for the hookup and sharing these great photos. We heard Prince was showing off his six pack last night again, teasing fans with another "wardrobe malfunction". Hello!

New York and New Jersey, are you ready for this in December???? We know NYC is because Madison Square Garden is SOLD OUT. New Jersey, there's still time to get tickets to the Izod Center shows on December 14, 15 and 17 - don't miss this funk fest! -Dr.FB

NPG backup singer Shelby J.

NPG backup singer Liv Warfield

NPG bass player Ida Nielsen

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  1. Toto … and he is funky!

  2. So great to see this show!!! It looks like alot of fun…Prince looks fabulous as usual!! Wish I could have been there…but I chose to wait to go to the NJ shows instead!! Can’t wait until December 14th!!

  3. amazing pics thanx 4 sharing

  4. OMG I can’t wait til Dec 17th. Us girls r going to the Izod show in NJ!! We r hoping 2 find an aftershow 2. Doc, thx so much 4 sharing these precious gems with us! U’r great! PRINCE, U r like a fine wine baby, u just keep getting better. Love U! I’ve been s True Funk Soldier sine 1983. U look amazing! The newbies in the industry can learn a lot from u. Thank U. Peace, b wild.

  5. what a shame, that the hall is half-empty – what’s up with the rome-people??? many years of no-show and than a half-empty location

  6. Hi! Shall we wait for some pics of Milan? :o)

  7. thank you for sharing! šŸ˜€ amazing… Prince is cool!

  8. thank you for sharing! šŸ˜€ amazing… Prince is cool!

  9. thank you for sharing! šŸ˜€ amazing… Prince you are fab!

  10. thank you for sharing! šŸ˜€ amazing… Prince you are fab!

  11. Thanks everyone for the correction – we’ve updated it to be pics from the Rome show!

  12. I can see myself in the third pic šŸ™‚

  13. Thank-you for sharing šŸ˜‰

  14. Gotta luv the SIX PACK @ 52 man….and any of the low-life chickenheads who hate on him because he has a SIX PACK @ 52 is a THO-THO HEAD lolol! Don’t hate! Congratulate! U can learn a lot from the brotha, holla! šŸ˜€

    (and now back to our regularly scheduled program….. lol)

  15. Those pics are amazing! I am digging them hardcore!

  16. Magnificent! Prince looks healthy & rejuvenated….He got some bad threads on 2

  17. Thanks Doc … Nice pics …

  18. AMAAAAZIN’ thank u for sharing this….we love this…thank u Doc & thank u purple Yoda!! may the funky force always be with us ;0)

  19. this is rome gig I was there on the stage I can see me in the first picture

  20. Hello P, looking good! I’m loving these photos. Just wishing there was a P website to buy tix from for your upcoming US tour. I’m going to see Sheila E this Saturday night front row would be nice if you could make a surprise appearance!!! Love you dude . Thank you P and Doc for sharing. xoxo

  21. Hey Doctor, photos are from the Rome concert, I was there and I’m in one of the pictures, I think you should update the title šŸ˜‰

  22. All these photos are from the Rome concert! I’m in the third one!

  23. Wow…!! Very nice outfit šŸ™‚ Lookin’ good.

  24. cool pics…….looks like tons of scalpers got the Madison Square Garden tickets already……looking forward to a new Prince website

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