Amazing Guitar Shots Of PRINCE! Check Them Out!

Prince.  Exclusive Photo For DrFunkenberry.com By Roberto Ugolini

Prince.  Exclusive Photo For DrFunkenberry.com By Roberto Ugolini

Last week, we had exclusive photos of PRINCE performing in Rome, Italy. 

This time, we have  Italian photographer  Roberto Ugolini who took these photos exclusively for DrFunkenberry.com and we are happy to share these with you.

Prince.  Exclusive Photo For DrFunkenberry.com By Roberto Ugolini

 Awesome shot from Roberto of Prince soloing on his guitar above.

Prince.  Exclusive Photo For DrFunkenberry.com By Roberto Ugolini

PRINCE showing why he is still the greatest living performer of all time.

The photo above is from his Viage performance over the weekend and was taken by Héloïse Aktouf. 

There are still limited tickets left for his performances at Izod Center in December and hope you have a chance to go and hope you enjoy these photos above of the one and only PRINCE.-Dr.FB

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  1. WOW!!! thanx Dr, these pictures tell the sound!!
    no more pics from Roberto?
    please, substitute the fourth pic (pretty but off topic) with the one with Toto!!

    thanx again

  2. Roberto has an unique xquisite taste to capture the moment…carpe diem photos 😉
    These pictorial excerpta r and will b always part of our “live-ing memory” of what we witnessed in Rome:Prince and His band sharing Funky music with italian audience.
    c u all 2 the next xperience.
    Thanks 2 the wonderful ppl i met in Rome & Mil’ano.
    C u in L.a.;)

  3. Kudos to the photographer. That second pic is awesome and deserves to be framed. It should be used as one of the advertising pics for the “Welcome2America tour” because it shows Prince right “in the moment” of one of his stage performances giving his all.

    It would be so cool to see that pic of Prince up in Times Square for the “Welcome2America Tour”.

  4. AMAZING pix thanc doc & Prince <3

  5. Great pics!Thanks 4 sharing.I especially like the ones when he has that adorable smile on his face.(Hint…Hint lol)

  6. Something in the way he moves…


    Prince is channelling hotness!

  7. Wow prince is supple.. Thankyou, lovely pics indeed. Would love one from Milan, in lacey shirt. Go on Doc, do your best begging 😉

  8. great pictures!!!! roberto is a true genius!!!
    still i don’t understando, though, why a roberto’s pic with prince and toto onstage did show up for awhile and suddenly disappeared!! where did it finished? it’s censorship (i don’t mean you Dr)???

  9. Simply AMAZING …. I can’t wait to see him in the U.S.A.

  10. Saw the guy on last monday in Antwerp, he celebrated the funk for over two and a half hours!!! PRINCE – U R still the best!

  11. WOW….made my day Doc…thx….xo

  12. amazing pics thanx 4 sharing

  13. stunning! thanks!

  14. These are great pics of Prince, love each & everyone of them ☺!!

  15. thank you for the photos Roberto and Dr.funk.
    can we have back the photo of Prince & Toto in the same stage.
    it was a roberto ugolini pc right?
    thanks in advance

  16. Prince: the G.O.A.T

  17. Oy…

  18. Great pics!!

  19. MMMMMmmmmmMMMMMMMM!!!! MMM! ;0)

  20. WOW !! Made my day Doc….thx <3

  21. Yeah I seen some tix still available on ticketmaster…trying to get 1 for the 15th so wish me luck (if not then I’ll wish myself some luck lol!) But yeah anyway these are some great shots of him and his guitar :D. Now the 1 with the leopard print – he’s had that for a very long time. Can’t wait 2 see him play in person @ IZOD and MSG :).

  22. Nice Arc in the Back !

  23. Very nice cool looking pix. Prince live performances makes him the new King of the stage and best live performer & guitar player

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