PRINCE Shows Off His…..


I think when we heard a few weeks ago of Prince's shirt "accidentlly" opening up, people were wondering if it was really by accident?

Us?  Who cares?  He still has it...and we know you want it. 

Now, what kind of Dr. would I be if I did not give you a prescription of what you want and need.

Thank us later.  For now, enjoy the hotness of Prince. 

Thanks to Roberto Ugolini again for the exclusive shot.-Dr.FB

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    I’d rather dress 2 make a woman stare
    I’m puttin’ on somethin’ that another won’t dare
    It’s a freezer burn compared 2 cool
    If U still got loot, then who’s the fool?
    Everybody wanna take the stand
    Mind your own motherfucker, let a man be a man
    thanx Dr, thanx Dr, thanx Dr, thanx Dr, thanx Dr, thanx Dr, thanx Dr!!!!!!!!

  2. Indeed no accident at all , he did it again in Antwerp. It’s just Prince showing his sexyness 🙂

  3. NO ACCIDENT….IN ANTWERP HE OPENED IT ON PURPOSE!! & i can testify: he is looking mightyfine for +50!!!! thank u prince for sharing that wonderfull voice, smile, music & body with us

  4. I was at this concert in Belgium, he was so funky and it was so hot, so the best thing he could do is take it off…… 😉

  5. Prince should nOt be a JW a Muslim or part of any other religion that restrict him from showing his naked parts. I want more topless photos and close up on his pants with no underwear on please! The human body is a work of art, what is wrong with showing it!

  6. Game….Blouses!


  7. I am still searching in the Bible where it says “Men should not show their chest in midst of thy concerts”. Searching…searching…searching…nope nothing in the Bible! Ppl let the man enjoy himself. Shoot.I’m 33 years old and cant pull that off. More power to you Prince…glad to see u r having some fun again.

  8. @Jessica

    Oh wow, that’s one of the floor seats – Just pray that there is noone taller than you girl – some people could be like 6 feet tall and then u end up jumping or standing on a chair just to try and see what’s going on onstage. 😉

  9. @gardenias

    I honestly think that he has come to terms with his OWN relationship with God, and i feel that is a very good thing. 10 years back, I think he was at the point of trying to find answers, trying to find the truth in terms of what was going on in his own life at the time. I think he was needing someone to show him that through religion such as JW. Fast forward 10 years later to 2010, you can clearly see that he is comfortable with his relationship with God, and I believe that he is finding HIS OWN WAY and staying true to himself.

    It kind of reminds me of myself – i have my own relationship with God. I don’t go to church (because to tell you the truth some of the most SCREWED UP crazy people go to these churches, plus there are pastors/preachers who are twisted in the heads & need help themselves!), I read the bible at home, I pray. Even though I am still God-fearing, I still also believe that God said don’t be no fool in this world either. Meaning, you can still have a strong belief in God, but don’t let this cruel world step all over you.

  10. He is not JW anymore, this is proof! I told ya so LOLOLOL He could not pull this stunt in Abu Dabi, Muslims don’t play!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yummy….yummy yummy!!!!!!!!!…..It’s time for an explosion:)

  12. oh please i wanna see this in jersey and nyc.especially the night i’m in row 7!!

  13. Gorgeous, makes me want to work my tongue over those abs.

  14. 0-I->

  15. Yummy!! I cannot wait till December!!!

  16. Yummy!! I cannot wait till December!!!

  17. I cannot wait to make him my husband …

  18. Hotnessssssss!!!!!! Thanx Doc!

  19. Hotnessssssss!!!!!! Thanx Doc!

  20. Well DUHHHHHH! lol U can tell he like DID IT ON PURPOSE! lolol! And THAT is a good TING MON! 😀


  22. This picture does my heart good.

  23. Prince is Hotttttt …. Thanks Doc

  24. Mighty fine wardrobe malfunction!Why is it those sort of things NEVER happen at the shows that I am at???!!!Oh well…dreamin lmao Thanks for the lovely pic of my guilty pleasure 🙂

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