Usher Goes Shirtless Again In New Video “Dive” Watch Now!

We are sure Usher fans will...."Dive" right into the new video by the R&B veteran. "Dive" features water and a shirtless Usher.

Usher is trying to add LL Cool J's lip-licking to repertoire.

We cannot deny, the video is rather hot. The sexual innuendo at times though....it goes back and forth. Is he diving into a relationship or wanting to be inside her when the tide is coming? Hmm.

Check out the video above and "Dive" right in.-DocFB


Video Premiere: Rick Ross Goes Shirtless (Again) In “Hold Me Back” (Explicit)

Here I am afraid to walk around my own house shirtless til I get a 6 pack and here is Rick Ross not holding back in "Hold Me Back" his latest music video.

The black and white video was shot in New Orleans while dropping the "N" word quite frequently....so expect 16 year old white boys in suburban area's top be bumpin' this song quite frequently for the rest of the summer.

So...should Rick Ross put a shirt on or should he put a shirt on?-DocFB


Ryan Gosling Breaks Up A Crazy Stupid Street Fight

Ryan Gosling stars in his latest movie "Crazy Stupid Love" and yesterday in New York, he stepped in to break up a crazy stupid fight over a painting.

Check out the guy in the striped shirt around the 31 second mark.  Yup, that's Ryan Gosling.  You didn't need the girl who was shooting the video to tell you he also starred in "the Notebook" when she figured out who it was.

Check out super hero Ryan above.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  He Didn't Need To Take Off His Shirt


Your First Look At “Moves Like Jagger” With Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera


It's about time!  The "Moves Like Jagger" video by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera has been filmed.  Check out some of the footage above including some shirtless scenes with Adam Levine that you just might like.

Wonder who they got to play Mick Jagger because there are some Jagger like moves going on...although it makes me thing of Jimmy Fallon playing Jagger on Saturday Night Live.

Check out the behind the scenes footage above.  Hope you are as excited as us to see the actual video.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Christina Needs This


PRINCE Shows Off His…..


I think when we heard a few weeks ago of Prince's shirt "accidentlly" opening up, people were wondering if it was really by accident?

Us?  Who cares?  He still has it...and we know you want it. 

Now, what kind of Dr. would I be if I did not give you a prescription of what you want and need.

Thank us later.  For now, enjoy the hotness of Prince. 

Thanks to Roberto Ugolini again for the exclusive shot.-Dr.FB


Tiger Goes Topless

Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover
Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover

Tiger Woods Vanity Fair Cover

Vanity Fair just put Tiger Woods on the cover of the new issue.  It is an old photo but somehow, I don't think you all would mind.

What do you think of the photo?-Dr.FB