PRINCE & The Revolution’s “Purple Rain” Get Grammy Induction + My Thoughts

Purple Rain Original Movie Poster

We woke up this morning with an email from the Grammy Board letting us know that the classic “Purple Rain” will be inducted in the Grammy Hall Of Fame.

Album’s are only eligible after 25 years of release and to be honest, with the other albums nominated, Prince and the Revolution’s “Purple Rain” is the young pup.

With such stellar material, from the opening organ of “Let’s Go Crazy” to the duet of “Take Me With U” to the feelings and emotions of “The Beautiful Ones”, those 3 tracks alone would have made this a top 10 album of all time.  But why stop there?

The raw funk of “Computer Blue” to the nastiness of “Darling Nikki” which helped create the PARENTAL ADVISORY label on records and increase sales of every act by doing so.  Then came the track that stood out like Sofia Vergara in a tight dress; “When Doves Cry” the song that to that point would be Prince’s crowning achievement.   “When Doves Cry” is what makes a Prince song Prince’s…and no one else’s!

Then he takes it up a notch and throws a dance party in our honor.  “I Would Die 4 U” and who would disagree that he wouldn’t?  “Baby, I’m A Star” is an artist who knew he was about to hit the big time and no one would forget how bright his star would shine. 

Then, the title track.  “Purple Rain” a song so good, it needed a movie named after it.  There are 2 things the industry got wrong in the 80’s; “Purple Rain” only making it to #2 on the Billboard singles charts and Rolling Stone making “Purple Rain” only the 2nd greatest album of the 80’s, giving the title of #1 to “London Calling” by The Clash.  Is it too late for a recount now?

Aside from me wearing out 3 copies of “Purple Rain” on cassette the first summer I ever discovered it, this is more than just a movie soundtrack; this album, and Prince’s music itself, is a soundtrack to people’s lives.  The body of work that Prince along with the Revolution and others he has worked with is beyond compare. 

Quite simply, no one can touch Prince.  No one can touch Purple Rain.  You could line up the best producers of the past 25 years and they couldn’t touch it.

I want to thank Dr. Fink, Brownmark, Bobby Z., Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman for getting me through some times in life where all I had to turn to was your music, your sound.  Words could not express what it means so please just take my thank you and know that there is so much more behind it.

To Prince, thank you.  Thank you so much.  Thank you for the music.  Thank you for the drive you had inside yourself to create something so amazing, so funky, so full of emotion and feeling, that it has moved generations.  Despite what people think, we don’t know each other on any level, only on the professional sense, but your music has been a friend when in need, and sometimes, it’s better that way.  No taking, just always giving. 

 Again, I thank you Prince Rogers Nelson for giving us your gift of your music and “Purple Rain” and I congratulate you on another award that you so deserve.

Much Love and kick some tail for me this month in Jersey and New York.-Dr.FB



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  • Dion Thompson
    Posted at 09:37h, 15 December

    You’ll not preform well at all if you are depressed. Also, you have to recognize that other relationship problems can stem from depression.

  • Chocolatsis65
    Posted at 08:49h, 11 December

    Origins…. mine r soooo different. Intertwined since I can remember. So funny the guy who said it helped him get laid, yeah mine used the 2nd album and Whenweredancingclosenslow was playing when he finally succeeded, but that was a whole stachatory thing even though I loved him and was with him for 2 yrs, it still messed me up! he tried so hard to be like P it was really sad @ one point he jumped on my bed and tore up all my posters!

    It’s cool when I read that 16 yr olds r diggin him now. My teen although he gets it and defends how incredible he is and the Tavis show and other experiences with u really help him with his struggle, it kinda freaked him out when he realized he literally wouldn’t exist w/out u so he pulls away from it n calls it *my music* while he’s all into Newton Faulkner n all things rock/alt. tho lately he’s finally gettin into funk thank Jah n Graham:)

    Back to PR or more specifically doves…. one thing I never got 2 ask because EVERYTHING changed after that! And then of course I can’t remember with so much goin on. Could it be because of what RockIsland did? when I called u sobbing n all u could say was “please dont cry” then not a year later this came out and @ minute 3:31 u say —da don’t cry???? Some peeps can hear it, some can’t. Ears r so different and minds!….Im so glad ours got a good washin, heehee. wow but the crazy years in between huh, and always 4 me anyway, though I may try 2 deny it or just trying not 2 be so assuming there is always this same recurring theme/ themes….Myloveis4everimyoursbeginingendlessly or futuresoulsanctuary lol I c things like hebrewselevenone. Stay vigilant my brotha

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