One Of Teena Marie’s Last Interviews Before Her Death With Her Daughter

Here is Teena Marie talking about Drake and Lil Wayne and the state of music now and then.

Also featured is her daughter who found her this morning after she died in her sleep.

Check out Teena Marie talking about corny music and why she is not down with it.-Dr.FB




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  2. kenji

    Real talk.I agree with the previous posts.Show “T” some respect.Miss you lady “T”

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  4. Lena

    yes, agree the interviewer sounds like a jerk, asking her questions that she’s probably too young to appreciate Teena’s talent. This woman was probably born the year Teena came out, 1980..get a different job, interviewer or put someone out there who understands talent.

  5. chocolatebox777

    @ T

    U better preach and tell the truth. Show this Icon some respect…..But Teena set her straight & school her…

  6. T

    Please put a better interview up to represent Ms. Teena! The interviewer sounds like she is 12 years old. The questions are not questions that are worthy of her. Please hire people who know the real history of artists of this magnitude. To mention Itunes to her? Wow! This woman is a musician, singer, and songwriter…I wish I would have had an opportunity to meet her. The interviewer is part of the generation who will never know what real R&B is and now we have lost another real R&B artist. Listen: NeYo, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc…are NOT R&B artists!! They all are pop artists! I am devastated.

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