One Of Teena Marie’s Last Interviews Before Her Death With Her Daughter

Here is Teena Marie talking about Drake and Lil Wayne and the state of music now and then.

Also featured is her daughter who found her this morning after she died in her sleep.

Check out Teena Marie talking about corny music and why she is not down with it.-Dr.FB


Paparazzi Ask David Arquette About Marriage In Front Of Daughter

Ok, this is so NOT cool.  Wasn't there a time when you were a celeb and you were with your child or children, the paps left you alone?  Well, that did not happen yesterday when David Arquette was out with his daughter.

They appeared to be at a distance at first but still.  A person who works at the restaurant went to get David and bring him and his girl in. 

The paps apologized when he came out but still filmed.  After he put his girl in the car, the paps asked about him and Courtney Cox and he responded like you would expect him to and said "They are best friends" and then left it at that.

What makes them think the daughter did not hear that?  It just isn't cool.  David had every right to flip out but didn't. 

He is tryign to handle his separation with class, which is not what I can say for the paps who followed him around. 

What do you think?  Did the paps overstep a boundary?-Dr.FB


A Daughter & Her Future Mother In Law

Brooke Hogan & Jennifer McDaniel.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Brooke Hogan & Jennifer McDaniel.  Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Brooke Hogan & Jennifer McDaniel. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Oh, this is not weird at all.  Here is Brooke Hogan and her friend Jennifer McDaniel.  I am not talking about it being weird that they look very much alike.  What I am talking about is Brooke's father is Hulk Hogan and her friend Jennifer is engaged to Hulk Hogan, according to reports.

It is true that Jennifer has been with Hulk for over a year now and still has remained friends with Brooke, even though she is going to go from her friend to mother in law.

BTW, daughter Brooke is on the left and Hulk's future wife is on the right.  It isn't weird at all, is it?-Dr.FB


Scene & Heard: New Moon n More

The cast of "New Moon" will be taking over the Today Show in November for 3 days. Robert Pattinson will be featured on November 18th, Kristen Stewart will be on November 19th and on November 20th, Taylor Lautner will appear on the show......

Is Chris Brown feeling sentimental? He posted a montage video of him and Rihanna together that a fan made on his Twitter page. He twittered "“IM SORRY YALL.  JUST HAD TO POST IT,”  “FOR THE FELLAS: showing emotion doesn’t make u weak. BEING HONEST MAKES U STRONG.” Whatever makes it easier for you to sleep at night Chris......

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are about to get into a legal battle with James ex-wife adult film star Janine Lindemulder. James & Lindemulder had a 5 year old daughter named Sunny that lives with James & Bullock. James is advising the courts that Janine is an unfit mother. Hopefully in the end it will all work out what is best for Sunny.....

Lindsay Lohan got dropped by her record label. Wait. You mean her music career wasn't a joke?.........

Elisabeth Moss and our friend Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live tied the knot over the weekend. Congrats to you two......

Brad Pitt was involved in a small accident on his motorcycle when a paparazzi hit Pitt from behind and then hit the car in front of him. This crap really needs to stop. Pitt was fine but still.......

Bruce Springsteen cancelled his show in Kansas City last night as his cousin died. Lenny Sullivan was Bruce's assistant tour manager for 10 years. He was only 36. Fans got a full refund.....

Eric Clapton pulled out of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert to have gallstones removed......