Ricky Martin Lets It All Hang Out On New Video “Best Thing About Me Is You”

Ricky Martin is back…..and out.  In his new video “Best Thing About You Is Me” he does not hold back showing he is out and he does not care.

It’s not one of his dance tracks that made America fall in love with him in the 90’s but it is catchy.  “Don’t say no, just say yes.”

We are wishing Ricky success but not sure he will find it with this track.  What do you think of Ricky’s new track?-Dr.FB




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    @ what part of the video does he show he’s out and don’t care? Wait, i don’t even care… the vid is nice, the song = as nice.

  3. Royal Rican Prince

    I think it’s the best songs he ever recorded to date. Lyrically it’s more mature and playful. It’s even catchier in Spanish!

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