Shocker! Paula Abdul, Nicole, & Steve NOT Returing To X Factor!!

XFactor File Photo
XFactor File Photo

XFactor File Photo

We all knew Steve Jones would not be returning to X Factor and that Nicole Scherzinger was out, but Paula Abdul will not be returning as well.

According to reports, Paula Abdul was informed by the network that she would not be returning to X Factor.

We reported earlier this month that it was expected for Steve Jones to be released as host and Nicole Scherzinger would replace him as host and Mariah Carey would replace Nicole as judge.  Although Simon Cowell and Fox are interested in Mariah, she has yet to commit.

This now leaves Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid as the only returning judges from the first season of X Factor.

Simon's former show, American Idol, has been slipping in the ratings in its first 2 weeks of the 10th season.

Paula Abdul was tweeting about X Factor earlier today but has not tweeted since the news broke of her departure from the show.

I felt that Nicole and Steve were the weak links of X Factor, even though all of Paula's teams were eliminated rather early in the show.

What do you think of Paula being let go from X Factor?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Who will fill the 3 open spots?


Ricky Martin Lets It All Hang Out On New Video “Best Thing About Me Is You”

Ricky Martin is back.....and out.  In his new video "Best Thing About You Is Me" he does not hold back showing he is out and he does not care.

It's not one of his dance tracks that made America fall in love with him in the 90's but it is catchy.  "Don't say no, just say yes."

We are wishing Ricky success but not sure he will find it with this track.  What do you think of Ricky's new track?-Dr.FB


Country Music Star Chely Wright Comes Out

Chely Wright. Promo Photo
Chely Wright. Promo Photo

Chely Wright. Promo Photo

A little over a week ago, when it was teased that there will be a star coming out of the closet, I bet if someone said it would be a country music star, they would all say Kenny Chesney. 

Well, they were wrong as it is "Single White Female" singer Chely Wright who is stating she is gay.  It is somewhat of a surprise, at least for me.  But at the same time, I am sure many of you are going Chely who? 

Chely will be on the Today show this Wednesday and L.A. local morning show Good Day L.A. has an interview with Chely that took place earlier but made an agreement not to air the segment til Thursday. 

It was not supposed to be revealed that she was coming out until Wednesday, but TMZ, who is not used to getting scooped, and was with the Sandra Bullock cover story last week, was not going to let it happen 2 weeks in a row and found out late Sunday it was Chely Wright.

Chely Wright was linked at one time to Brad Paisley.  I guess Single White Female seeks a Single White Female, right?-Dr.FB

Now, we have a feeling people in New York and L.A, big city folk so to speak, are not going to trip on this.  However, how will Middle America respond to the first ever "out" country star?-Dr.FB