Prince Serenades Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester At Madison Square Garden

Prince serenades Leighton Meister at his Jan. 18 show in NYC | Copyright NPG Records 2011

Prince serenades Leighton Meester at his Jan. 18 show in NYC | Copyright NPG Records 2011

It's amazing just to go to a Prince show, even if you're a celebrity like Leighton Meester. But to then be brought up on stage and serenaded by the purple one himself? C'mon, is there anything more surreal?

Prince rocked Madison Square Garden again last night as part of his Welcome 2 America tour. During the show, he invited Leighton Meester, star of the tv show Gossip Girl, up on stage where he proceeded to sing to her during his sexy ballad "Somewhere Here on Earth".

Did we mention legendary saxophonist Maceo Parker joined them on stage?

So Leighton, what did you answer when Prince sang the line "U wanna do this at yours, or my place?". Hmm...

Next up for Prince is a return to Madison Square Garden on February 7. Do you have tickets yet? - Dr.FB

Prince & Maceo Parker serenade Leighton Meester at his Jan. 18 show in NYC | Copyright NPG Records 2011

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  1. Prince and Twinz are great@ Love them together..Hot and excellent performances. Seems stage is to narrow would like to see more room…love you Prince.

  2. I like the twinz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They bring a young energy to the stage. They don’t try so hard to be sexpots. They are just about having fun. Keep them on tour Prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Prince is 53, that is midlife crisis age. If he starts dating a woman in her twenties than yes he is going through it big time LOL

  4. Gossip girl got the serenade? A priviledge Prince reserves for famous people only huh. BTW Sticky like glue is the baddest jam he has put out in years I don’t get why he won’t play it live.

  5. I totally get what realitycheck is saying. It’s not that the dancers are not talented; What most people I know really want is just Prince. Heck i’d rather see Prince dancing solo than some female dancer/dancers with him on every damm tour. Yes i agree it’s time for a change in his repertoir.

  6. i would have melted away….

  7. realitycheck quit complaining. love Prince hits, both Mayte and Misty are great also backup dancers are hot..love you prince..

  8. Prince is trying to repeat the past! He is playing mostly hits when he has ten years of songs he could be showcasing and a new album to promote DUH. Mayte used to dance ballet with him on stage, then he brings in Misty Copeland, dancing…BALLET. Diamond and Pearl were his backup dancing twins, now he has THE TWINZ, again. He featured Rosie Gaines now he has SHELBY J.

    I wanna shake him and beg him to do something different. He hasn’t taken a break to create, ever. There is another epic album in him, i know it! I’m waiting for that light bulb moment but maybe he is in the throngs of a major midlife crisis!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Two words for you.

    “Who Cares?”

    Two more words.

    Halo Reach!

    Yawn, wake me when you pull your head out of for own ASSets.

  10. Was the Kathy adams I saw sitting infront of me?

  11. Oh what a great night it must have been. How exciting to be there and see Prince who’s the BEST!

  12. @scandulousohyeyah – From setlist reports, Leighton was on stage for both SHOE and “I Love U…”. But SHOE makes for a much more romantic story, don’t ya think? 😉

  13. @freekyfeet – Duly noted! thanks

  14. Hes good !!!

  15. Prince and white women…you fill in the blank

  16. I am a dancer and I think Usher, Neyo, Justin Timberlake need dancers. They just don’t have the full scale type of talent to pull off a whole show without the bells and whistles. Prince doesnt need anyone. That is why he is considered genious.

  17. He sang I love u but I dont trust u anymore to her… weird. SHOE is one of my favorites, I was jumping like a 8 year old when he did that. That alone was worth the price of admission!!! I am not feeling the twins on stage with him. It seems outdated now…more dancers uh ok. The three singers however are powerhouses and they are a perfect match for his stage show. He had too many up there. Musicology tour beats this one out for that reason. That’s when Prince was really schoolin all musicians and fans alike. He knows the formula but he keeps going back to gimmicks. He is all I need, he captivates all by himself in ways 100 dancers could not make up for but would only detract from.

  18. NUMBER 7 HERE!… Prince is back on fire again . Can’t wait till he reaches the West Coast…

  19. 2 bad it was a celebrity (or a plant) and not just one of us.

  20. Actually he serenaded her to “Eye Love U But Eye Don’t Trust U Anymore”

  21. Maceo the legenday ALTO sax player or did he switch horns after 50 years in the business ?

  22. What a smart little teaser he is … ful of neverending surprises!

  23. The look on her face.. Priceless
    Prince = just breathtaking

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