Video Premiere: Fitz & The Tantrums “Fools Gold” Watch Now!

Fitz & The Tantrums Promo Photo

Fitz and The Tantrums deliver a tale of love, loss and landing on your feet in the official video for their new single, "Fools Gold." The clip, which was directed by Zak Stoltz, launched today.

"Fools Gold" is the latest single from More Than Just A Dream (Elektra/Atlantic Records). "The Walker" and "Out Of My League," the two previous singles, each topped Billboard's Alternative Songs chart at # 1 and were certified RIAA Gold. The accompanying videos have more than five million views each.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The band is closing out 2014 with a bang. Fitz and The Tantrums will perform on "Good Morning America" on Friday, November 21.

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Madonna To Express Herself On Lady Gaga & More In New Interview

Madonna is answering questions from her fans and the most popular one of all....what Madonna REALLY thinks about Lady Gaga.

Starting Thursday, the Madonna interview will be on Good Morning America, Nightline, and 20/20.

They show the Gaga question being asked and then after she made her comments, a reaction from the reporter of "Is that good? and Madonna answering "Look it up" and sipping some tea. Love it.

We can only guess what she said but I am sure she said something about Gaga copying her to a degree.

What do you think Madonna said about Gaga?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Its about to get catty......


Video: Lady Gaga Rocks Out On Good Morning America


Lady Gaga did a grip of songs on Good Morning America today including an interview.

Right now, here is the closing number "Hair" and the interview and as we get more video, we will post more. Enjoy!

Diagnosis: Gaga Makes GMA An Event Of Epic Madness


Enrique Iglesias Drops Out Of Britney Tour; Ego Couldn’t Handle It

Britney Spears & Enrique Iglesias. Photo: Idolater.com
Britney Spears & Enrique Iglesias. Photo: Idolater.com

Britney Spears & Enrique Iglesias. Photo: Idolater.com

Enrique Iglesias was announced yesterday as the opening act for Britney Spears upcoming tour.....and today...he backed out.  The reason?  His ego couldn't handle being her opening act.

Enrique wanted equal billing with Britney as to be co-headliners.  My understanding of a co-headliner is sometimes Britney would be the first act.  That would not be happening.  The agreement was being worked on for weeks with the understanding of the co-headliner.

When it was announced on Good Morning America yesterday, it was made obvious to everyone that Enrique was the supporting act.  So, he dropped out.  Big mistake.

Britney's last tour in 2009 generated $131 million dollars in revenue and we also heard that Enriwue was going to be paid quite a pretty penny....not pesos. 

Plus, Enrique could have been upstaging her every night as he actually sings.  Britney does something..not sure how live it is though.

The Britney tour will kick off in Sacramento, California June 17th.  No replacement act has been named for Enrique yet.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Not Britney's Hero


Elizabeth Taylor Passes Away At 79

Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor File Photo
Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor File Photo

Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor File Photo

Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at the age of 79.  She has been hospitalized for over a month at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. 

She was hospitilized last year at Cedars as well, a story we broke but was denied by CNN.  She made a trip overseas last year when Richard Burton was being recognized for his achievements.  She considered Burton her soul mate although she married several times. 

Taylor's health became a concern in 2009 as she did not take part in her good friend Michael Jackson's funeral.

The cause of death is congestive heart failure. 

"Good Morning America" broke the story and confirmed her passing. 

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the first iconic women of film will be missed.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: True Legend


Chris Brown “Upset” About Rihanna Questions In Live Interview

Chris Brown. Photo: INFDaily.com
Chris Brown. Photo: INFDaily.com

Chris Brown. Photo: INFDaily.com

This is why we have been saying that Chris Brown should not be doing any interviews at all.  Just let the music speak.  During an interview with Robin Roberts live on Good Morning America, she brought up Rihanna and Chris seemed not too happy from the start.

Robin has said since that she was given permission from his people do discuss the Rihanna incident. 

Chris seemed focused on talking about his new CD "Fame" which is out today.

Afterwards, it is being told that Brown, went beserk backstage, broke a mirror and was tossing things around.  He took off his shirt and stormed out of the studio.  The shot above was taken after the GMA appearance.  He expressed frustration on Twitter and then deleted his comment.

So, is asking questions about Rihanna fair game still?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Cancel All Future Interviews


Britney Spears Set To Rock “Good Morning America”

Britney Spears is ready for her return. Waiting patienly for her time to shine after Lady Extravangza aka Lady Gaga does her thing, Britney is back. She will be performing on "Good Morning America" March 29th but from San Francisco, not New York, where the show is usually taped.

Britney looks good in the ad...but a little fuzzy. Sure that was done on purpose, right?

Check out the promo ad for next week's show.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Is Britney Stronger?