Video: Charlie Sheen Kisses Jimmy Kimmel (Not #Winning

The crowd reaction is a little surprising. No one appears to be hotter than Charlie Sheen right now. During an interview with Mark Cuban on Jimmy Kimmel, Charlie Sheen made a surprise appearance.

Guess what they say about any press is good press is true when it comes to Charlie Sheen. The only thing I can say is he is looking a little better.

Check out the lip lock around the 40 second mark.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: The Tiger Blood Made Him Do It.

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  1. Drug free My Azz!!

  2. I hope he just uses the media like a 10 dollar hooker. Kanye West is winning too. He knows how to work the U.S. media to his advantage. Just think about the US media’s reaction to the disaster in Japan. Less than 20,000 dead. The Tsunami in Indonesia killed more than 200,000 but the media did not cover the disaster like Japan. Guess we don’t depend on Indonesia like we do Japan. How is your Prius running?

  3. LOVE for Charlie

  4. Mr Jimmy Yum-Yum Kimmel…..would lip lock with that papi anyday ; )

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