Prince Pays Tribute To Elizabeth Taylor

Prince's Stage. Photo: Edward Beavers
Prince's Stage. Photo: Edward Beavers

Prince's Stage. Photo: Edward Beavers

Prince has been rocking the Carolina's for the past week and before his shows, there have been photos of Elizabeth Taylor playing in a loop.

The legendary actress who died last week from congestive heart failure and was a close friend of the late Michael Jackson.  So what is Prince's connection? 

Aside from being a major film buff, there is that story that back in the 80's, Elizabeth Taylor met Prince through Michael Jackson.  The tale has been gossip fodder for years and no one really knows what took place aside that food was served.

Regardless, Prince is a private person and this is his way of paying tribute to her.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Class Act

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  1. @Chocolate_Box777:

    My pleasure.

  2. @Royal Rican Prince

    I am well aware of that whole story. Mine is the short version. But Thx anyway…

  3. Prince do have feels He Love Mrs.Taylor like Millons in the world.Peace Out Sexyp

  4. @Chocolate_Box777:
    Mrs. Taylor invited Prince and he and a large amount of bodyguards went thru her home and she was naturally offended and kicked them ALL out. At some point I even saw an interview with her where she talks about it a bit and you could see that she was STILL seriously offended and pissed about that incident.

  5. He ran the loop 4 about an hour b 4 the Charlotte show (it’s clips from a movie of hers)…didn’t see it in Greensboro. HE TORE GREENSBORO NORTH CAROLINA DOWN!

  6. Glad Prince paid tribute 2 Liz in his own way.

    The story was Liz invited Prince over 2 her mansion & he brought his father with him and countless bodyguards(They combed her bushes) 2 do the talking 4 him…..

    R.I.P. ELIZABETH TAYLOR.Both U & Prince are class acts..

  7. Deb, as for your private question, you can see your email address, no one else can….

  8. that means prince had respect for elizabeth taylor and that’s his way of showing .nothing wrong about that .

  9. He did that at the Charlotte show. I didn’t see it other shows after that one.


  11. Maybe Michael Jackson asked him to do it

  12. Question 2 Mr FunKenburry……this was a scoop or nothing more than a Joke?

    Any News from this special version of “ExtraLoveable” from Prince?


  13. Elizabeth Taylor such a beautiful woman. She was breathtakingly gorgeous and a wonderful actress. I respect her loyalty to her friend Michael Jackson throughout the years. She also was a great humanitarian. Movies and Music are not what they use to be. Prince is a class act..Love you Prince.

  14. Prince Fans Knows REAL Music And Not Lame….MEDIA BRAIN WASH!!!

  15. She died. No need to be intrigued. Prince fans are lame.

  16. I was wondering to myself as I sat and watched the clips why Prince had these videos of Liz Taylor playing? And it was only 1 of the nights I believe…Its got me intrigued now…

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