Nic Cage Arrested After Taunting Police; Dog The Bounty Hunter Post’s Cage’s Bail

Nic Cage. File Photo

Nic Cage. File Photo

Nic Cage was arrested in New Orleans after arguing with his wife about where they lived.  Cage could not remember where he and his wife’s apartment was in New Orleans as police were called.  Police were just asking the Cage’s to go home but Cage taunted police to arrest him…and so they did.

Hours before, Cage walked into a tattoo parlor wanting a tat but also telling the at the parlor that he could not remember where he lived and seemed very intoxicated.

Cage was charged with domestic abuse because of taunting the police.  It does not appear that he hit his wife.

His bail was set at $11,000 and was paid by, get this, Dog The Bounty Hunter.  Wow. 

Cage was in jail for about 8 hours.  No further information on the charges that were filed are available.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Honeymoon Is Over

Dog The Bounty Hunter File Photo

Dog The Bounty Hunter File Photo



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  • Nadia
    Posted at 09:55h, 17 April

    tsss 2 bad 4 Nic…

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