Video Premiere: Chris Brown “She Ain’t You” Dedicated To Michael Jackson

Here is the video premiere on the site of “She Ain’t You” by Chris Brown and it samples Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and is dedicated to MJ.

I am digging the song but then again, it samples so much from “Human Nature” that could be why.

I like that Chris is focusing on his dancing, like Ne-Yo has been.  I dig that aspect of it.

Check out the latest offering from Chris Brown and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Would MJ Be Proud?




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  3. Chastity

    Amazing … really I never liked CB as in LIKE. But this is a a great homage to the King of Pop. I’m surprised how it touches me …. great!

  4. Bruce

    Seriously, I hope whoever wrote SWV’s song get some cash too. Because that’s who Chris is completely ripping off “right here”!

    Sorry, still don’t forgive him or have any interest in hearing any of his music.

  5. Royal Rican Prince

    Someone clearly not interested in making anything ORIGINAL. SUCKS infinitum.

  6. Swa

    Not only does it borrow from MJ “Human Nature” by vocal melody is based on SWV’s “Right Here” which sampled “Human Nature”.

  7. KellyClarkson

    I didn’t really like this song until I saw the video. I think Chris pays tribute well. Nice job Chris. THX FOR POSTING DOC!

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