Video: Live From The Bath…Lenny Kravitz Has Something To Say

What better way to send a message then while naked and in a bath tub?  Lenny Kravitz is letting us and everyone know...that his new CD, entitled "Black & White America" is finally complete.

We are looking forward to it.  Just one more thing though........

Can someone grab Lenny a towel.  We don't want him pruning up or any shrinkage happening!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Looking Forward To The New CD...& Listening To It In A Bath...

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  1. @Jessica Cook
    I stick to my statement. Everything about LK , particularly his music, is just an attitude.
    Hollywood Rock and Roll!

  2. To the idiot who said he’s a poseur, such a stupid thing to say when this guy has been so generous with his fans and such a pure hearted great artist.

  3. Looking forward to his new music

  4. That is one fine specimen of a man.

  5. My God, I wish he would get up from that tub while the cameras are on!

  6. This guy is full of himself. “Poseur” with no substance.

  7. Oy.. (sigh….)

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