Taylor Momsen Goes Naked For New Video By Pretty Reckless “Under The Water”

Taylor Momsen is still doing everything she can to distance herself from her role on "Gossip Girl" and take her seriously as the hot rocker singer of The Pretty Reckless. The band's new video for "Under The Water" proves just that.

The sample for "Under The Water" will be from the band's next album but the video is sure to get people talking.

I kind of have been liking her rocking the garters and stockings over the nude look of the video. Sometimes...leaving something to the imagination is sexier itself.

I know I will be in the minority on this one for sure. Thoughts?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Can we get her a cheeseburger?


Video:Chelsea Handler Shows Off Her Rack In Shower Scene With Sandra Bullock

From Cameron Diaz and Gweneth Paltrow rapping about her new stage, and Jennifer Aniston giving Chelsea the exclusive on her engagement, Chelsea Handler topped it will getting naked in the shower with Sandra Bullock.

The late night hostess with the mostess and moistness jumped in the shower with Sandra Bullock showing she has quite the rack in the process.

Since the video automatically starts, we ask you to click on the continue reading button and know although covered, it is NSFW!!


“The Vampire Diaries” Stars Get Nekkid For EW Cover Spread

Vampire Diaries. Photo: EW.com
Vampire Diaries. Photo: EW.com

Vampire Diaries. Photo: EW.com

"The Vampire Diaries" are getting naked for the a 3 cover special on Entertainment Weekly. The issues hit newsstands on Friday.

"The Vampire Diaries" is the highest rated show on The CW network, passing "Gossip Girl" in the past year.

Also, Miss Dobrev was a write in nominee for The People's Choice Award's for Best Actress For A TV Drama, and actually won!

To check out another cover of the EW spread, click the continue reading button below.-DocFB


Video: Live From The Bath…Lenny Kravitz Has Something To Say

What better way to send a message then while naked and in a bath tub?  Lenny Kravitz is letting us and everyone know...that his new CD, entitled "Black & White America" is finally complete.

We are looking forward to it.  Just one more thing though........

Can someone grab Lenny a towel.  We don't want him pruning up or any shrinkage happening!-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Looking Forward To The New CD...& Listening To It In A Bath...


Kim Kardashian Gets Naked! (Again)

Kim Kardashian. Photo: W Magazine
Kim Kardashian. Photo: W Magazine

Kim Kardashian. Photo: W Magazine

Will she say she regrets going nude this time?  Kim Kardashian got naked for W Magazine.  The cover has text blocking her but we hear on the inside of the issue, aside form silver paint, she is completely naked.

Kim, who posed for Playboy but then quickly said she regretted it and it was something her mom, Kris Jenner wanted her to do, as she never posed for Playboy. 

Kris told Kim she should go nude for W Magazine and again, Kim listened.  Hmm. 

I will give it to Kim for this.  She is not a party girl.  She revels in her "fame" without having to take drugs.  Is she a perfect role model?  No.  The reason being is the botox and the other things she has done when she is beautiful already.  Stop messing with yourself.

What do you think of Kim's cover spread for W Magazine?-Dr.FB

Kim Kardashian. Photo: W Magazine

Kim Kardashian. Photo: W Magazine


Anna Paquin Discusses “True Blood’s” Nakedness

Anna Paquin was on Lopez Tonight last night talking about how she met her fiance on the set of "True Blood" and the dog from hell along with Snoop Dogg loving the show.

George Lopez went there and had to ask why everyone gets naked on the show? Check out Anna's response above.

Are you a "True Blood" fan?-Dr.FB


Video Premiere~: Erykah Badu “Window Seat”

Here is the video premiere on drfunkenberry.com of "Window Seat" by Erykah Badu.

By the end of the video, Badu is naked, however, there is a message.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB